Zynga Casinos – Social + Real Money

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The chat window is a small element belonging to online casino games and mobile casino-apps that has its own large fan base. People want (and have come to expect) social tools like chat in the foreground of their games. And the number of players who are monthly subscribers of social gaming will probably come close to a billion in a year or two.

At the same time, there is an understanding that players enjoy the anonymity offered by real money online gaming.

So where do we play or download social casino games today, if we haven’t already?

Zynga Mobile – Social Only

Well, before we talk about where, we should know exactly what it is we’re talking about. What sets apart a social casino game such as Zynga Slots? How is it different from the many game-sites that permit members to create profiles, make friends, and then provide live chat and messaging during their casino or bingo games?

Quality Versus Quantity

The answers have to do with whether social features are added merely as bells and whistles, so to speak, on top of a conventional single-player game like online slots and even mobile poker. Zynga’s Slots is ‘social’ through and through, not just as an add-on detail.

Zynga is an American firm that has developed three casino titles so far (Slots being the latest release added to Poker and Bingo). Each is played socially, first and foremost. Zynga got pretty famous by making seriously-viral Facebook games such as Mafia Wars and Farmville. The high-sharing Facebook environment is where they created their name.

Even if you have not been told explicitly that you are playing a social slots game like Zynga’s, you would know it because you just don’t feel alone anymore. You are interacting with other players who you can see online and with whom you can keep pace — let alone chat or video-chat with — and this is an unmistakable experience.

Okay, where do we play?!

Zynga.com hosts its own social game servers, as well as being available on Facebook. But with its growing Casino category the company is breaking ground on its customers’ mobile devises. Its Slots, Poker and Bingo apps are made for Apple’s iOS system, on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. These free downloads are available from the AppStore or iTunes.

Here are the features you will find inside Zynga Slots:

  • Many sub-games and side-games within the main title
  • Support for 10 languages (after all, there’s no ‘social’ without our own words)
  • Superior graphics, characters and reel animations
  • Many levels to master and unlock
  • Offline mode for playing anywhere
  • Full Facebook integration with notifications in the game

See, whereas the conventional gaming industry still acts upon the ‘more is better’ logic, by making hundreds of games, the more progressive Zynga has only its three casino titles. But things are not what they seem.

Social Contact IS the Game

But with Zynga’s mobile-friendly casino you can’t gamble any real money.

Zynga Plus Casino

Conventional casino games carry a lot of repetition. Companies like Microgaming and Playtech use the same template to outfit with various themes, from Tomb Raider to Mermaids Millions for mobile phone. You see the same games offered by too many vendors. Players make their online buddies through a particular game at particular site but they’re stuck there.

ZyngaPlusCasino.com features some familiar titles to social Zynga casino players and this makes it a refreshing change from the rank and file. However, Zynga’s new real money casino is not yet available for any mobile platforms and it’s missing the social element.

With Zynga social slots you get an entire world of games and friends inside just one app — and you start with your online friends, then move around together playing the games. It’s the less-is-more approach. Just a few social games are more rich and layered than are hundreds of single-player apps.

Zynga is the early pioneer of this social logic, and very successfully. So will its real money site embrace the social scene too in 2013?

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