Zynga Plus Casino

You’ve been around the block with online casinos. Now, you may be interested in something different, far behind simply getting your kicks with mobile apps.

Zynga’s namesake Plus Casino gives us just that, a noticeable difference in tone and in function. There is little need to go over all the familiar ways that Facebook’s tools, among friends, makes any game ‘social’. Even on its own property, Zynga owns and commands these sorts of features.

An Exclusive Environment

To start with, the company keeps its e-doors shut pretty tight; you’ll need to register online and deposit funds before you can lay your hands on any of the over 160 games. You will have the choice of downloading and installing the desktop software, or playing instantly inside-the-browser.

We noticed an IGT game, the slot machine Cleopatra, among Zynga’s line-up. That means it is leveraging the ’wares of other gaming companies (presumably the competition) to promote its own online property and mobile amenities. Smart, Zynga!

We take it that zyngapluscasino.co.uk aims at becoming just as popular as Zynga’s turf inside Facebook. In addition to producing amazing games, and its Facebook presence, this company evidently is building its own online properties and a mobile gaming empire.

Going Mobile, But Carefully

NOTE: Zynga is not yet offering mobile apps yet (maybe the company will choose HMTL5 and bypass apps altogether?); for now, mobile players can get access by punching up the above URL with their mobile device’s Web browser.

The casino-game selection is vast, not only in the total number of titles available, but in the depth of games. We spotted some things that you don’t normally see at online casinos today, such as Craps, a dice game, or the Raffle Jackpot and many other side-games.


There are also some thrilling variations on classics like cards, such as fast-paced multi-hand Blackjack. Zynga pays special attention to its Blackjack offerings, which are diverse — it even points out that it’s ‘the most popular table game in the world’. There is already a well-known Zynga Poker game.

Of course, the slots buffet is as large as you could want. As we pointed out, the company is not just relying upon its own slots but also presenting other top studio’s games.

That shows the enormous clout of Zynga, when competitors don’t mind licensing their games to it. It also shows the evident draw of people coming in the front door, rather than through its Facebook portal.

Catching Up with Zynga

There is a rumour about that Zynga might avoid the status quo of app downloads (in its typically trail-blazing fashion) except for an app designed for the new Facebook phone. Hm — we suppose that stands to reason, given the two companies’ symbiotic relationship.

Lastly, at the most practical level, if you have decided to dive into Zynga’s world of games (with an atmosphere somewhat like an online toy-store for grown-ups), we’re very pleased to report that PayPal is among the various ways you can use to safely fund your account.

Zynga has something special, some je ne sais pas quality it’s got — we think this has something to do with an overall smooth polish, and the raw energy you’ll see in all their products.

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