The Wipeout Mobile Slot Soothes the Soul with Groovy Spins and Prizes

The Wipeout Mobile Slot game is designed to get you as stoked as a surfer feels riding the big wave and chillin’ on the beach. In this case, riding the big one is bringing home a load of cash.

Here is the quick run-down on Mobile Wipeout for you:

  • 10 pay lines
  • 5 reels
  • 3 symbols per reel
  • unique Free Spins ‘lives’
  • cash prizes at 25 and 50 waves
  • very clear game controls

The graphic design of this Android slot app (iPhone too!) is there really a difference between Android and iPhone?? is remarkably attractive, with nice clean letters on the reels in a bamboo-like island style. The + and – buttons to add and subtract coins are nice and big. The supporting screens are all full of life and color. The design truly captures the brilliance of a tropical island with locals surfing big waves to the beach.

One of the most memorable details of the Wipeout Mobile is an all new twist on the basic slot machine. When 3-5 wild symbols land anywhere, a bonus round is activated and you acquire three lives (listed on the top right). As long as these lives remain (disappearing each time you spin out) then Mobile Wipeout keeps pouring free spin bonuses into your account.

The other neat feature is getting prizes for accumulating waves as you play. Once you reach marks set at 25 and 50 waves, you get free spins and cash prizes.

Where can you play this fantastic game, which incidentally was developed by Barcrest? We suggest the following few premium android casinos because of their overall excellent quality and customer service.

The Wipeout Mobile Slots is probably most like Fruit Fiesta and less similar to either Major Millions or Tomb Raider (which relies on separate screens more like a video game). Wipe-out is basically a classic slot machine overgrown with so much viney tropical graphics that the main screen starts to seem more like a temple ruin.

Interestingly, there is a continuous background image of a gigantic wave set behind the five reels. This gives the screen a spacious feeling that really counts after a long spin session.

Other details that make this one an easy favourite for those who can spend a fair amount of time at one good game is the way it moves and sounds. Instead of a frenetic swooosh of the reels and abrupt braking sounds, the Wipeout Slot grooves to a nice easy guitar riff and spins slowly to a catchy beat. You see each reel’s turning symbols clearly as they pass down, until the final stop that is smooth, soft and satisfying.

No hyper-stimulating effects on this one — it’s just about ‘hangin’ ten’, as if lounging on the beach. Hit this game’s generous jackpots and you WILL be off to the tropics!

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