WinPoker Mobile

Basically what we have with WinPoker is an online game (with some user base, we gather) that is transitioning to being a mobile app designed for both Android and Apple’s OS.

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NOTE: Because these apps are in their ‘Beta’ stage, which means not finalised, you are required to deposit at least $100 to join their limited test group. It’s a fully functioning Poker room in which you can win nonetheless, so make no mistake.


The next thing to be aware of regarding WinPoker is its concentration upon tablet users insofar as this is a mobile casino. There is no phone app yet by WinPoker of which we’re aware.

Out of curiosity about whether it is possible to just download the apps to one’s Android phone or iPhone anyway (since the phone/tablet division is not very clear at the level of the operating system), we did a little digging at

We found out that it is possible to do, but not advisable — and for good reason, since the game’s layout is optimized (is expecting, that is) a 7” screen. That Poker table’s going to get a big cramped on a phone or phablet. Check out what casino games are compatible with your phone here

Card-Playing Crowd

It just underscores the fact that WinPoker is really for card hacks, as far as we can tell. It has a loyal following who have been playing on their computers for some time; now most or all of the online functionality will be present in the mobile apps. The whole appearance is low-key and oriented toward focused card playing.

Of course, all past WinPoker players can use the mobile apps with their same logins.

The mobile casino entertainment industry is big enough now (read: colossal enough) that niche markets are forming. For example, WinPoker’s specialisation is in tablet-using players. That choice is either very gutsy (to neglect the entire other half of ‘mobile’ users, those on phones), or, it is a sign of the times.

There are enough of us looking for the cosiest places to enjoy cards, roulette, slots and other online casino games even while we’re ambling about in our lives. Based on that enormous demand, WinPoker is able to carve out a fairly small slice of the mobile casino game.

Fully Featured

The Poker game you find is made by Playtech. We can understand why WinPoker recommends (stipulates, really) that a larger display is needed. Your view of the entire card table, which is nicely rendered and well lit, includes the avatar images of all players. It is indeed a functional and serious Poker control panel.

Amazingly, WinPoker offers a massive first deposit bonus of 100% up to $2000! There are four big jackpots, as high as $50K, and don’t miss the three exclusive competitions on-going, towards a ‘Bad Beat Bonus’, for example.

If you do decide to give WinPoker a go on your tablet, then be aware that the company recommends a solid WiFi connection for proper game play and response. Unfortunately, that makes this app less usable for commutes. But for serious Poker kicks when you have solid WiFi access, we definitely can recommend WinPoker.

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