Windows 8 Casino Apps

It’s a fun time when a new operating system is released because suddenly, like mushrooms, new apps pop up for users of the new platform. In this case, we’re talking about no less than Windows Phone or WP8, part of Windows 8, the first fully integrated desktop/mobile system.

The question is, now within a month of the launch, what casino mobile apps are ready to play inside a Windows Phone device? And which devices are leading the way?

‘HTML 5’ or Web-based Games

Okay, two things to consider are (1) HTML 5 and (2) native apps versus Web-based apps. Don’t worry if that sounds like Greek. It will behoove you to know a bit about these two, so you can play Windows online casino to your heart’s content.

Windows, Microsoft, ironically, has run with the idea famously spouted by Apple founder Steve Jobs, who ranted about Flash and had it barred from iPhones. The alternative he preferred, HTML 5 for in-browser video, is now built into Windows 8. Internet Explorer 10 and the Phone system are set up to handle HTML 5, which incidentally will also become a hotbed of casino app developments very soon!

The performance of HTML 5 exceeds Flash, which has now apparently bit the dust.

The next issue is whether the casino game you play is a ‘native app’, the kind the download to your phone, or, a Web-based application (in your browser window). There are plenty of reasons why the current shift toward Web-based apps (using HTML 5, you see) will benefit us all. Here are some of the best advantages of Web-apps:

  • No more downloads or updates to weigh/slow down your phone!
  • They’re safer than native apps, which can disturb your system
  • You and your friends always play an identical-looking game
  • Game developers only have to make one for all systems

Although these points point to the inevitability of success for HTML5/Web-based games like bingo slots for mobile, the only big drawback is that we don’t have the support or assurance we get from app stores when using Web-based casinos. They’re out there, in the wide wide Web, and may even be harder to find than the native app sources.

Phones? Games?

Now, which phones are running WP8, and which casinos are already up and running for those new players? Fortunately for Microsoft, there are already some huge names betting on Windows on mobiles, even though it’s the late-comer behind iOS and Android.

In phones and devices, we have Nokia’s exciting and much-loved Lumia 920. Mighty Nokia is a brand and a quality benchmark that could push any new system into the mainstream. On the other hand, from the East, we have HTC with its new 8x model, also promoting Windows. Not to mention Microsoft’s own (first) piece of hardware, the Surface tablet, which is already sold out.

As for the games themselves, check out these great early options:

  • Paddy Power football betting on Nokia 920
  • AllSlots’ HD app in HTML 5 (real money)
  • Windows 8 apps: Slots, Roulette, Blackjack and 8 types of Poker!

These new apps are stunning — there is no better way for Windows Phone/8 to gain some momentum and catch up with Android and Apple. If you’re a Windows fan, especially its new panel design that’s a huge improvement over Windows Phone 7, then get ready to play!

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