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Wild Spin Casino is presently hitting the market within Facebook. It will eventually allow access in a grand opening at its dot-com address, too. For now, it is promising a unrivaled player experience and games that are ahead of the competition.

The fact is, WildSpin is powered not by some obscure game studio or its own in-house team; this is a Playtech mobile casino app. Moreover, it has social features that according to Wild Spin are not to be found elsewhere.

The atmosphere on all this is, keep in mind, a bit hush-hush from Wild Spin. The basic promise is a social casino experience. Other social casinos inside Facebook provide some notion of the product at which Wild Spin is hinting.

But if Wild Spin’s Playtech technology is new, nobody can know the precise twists in store. We do know about, however, the social casino trend itself, and this does

Social Casino Entertainment

It is the mature form of online and mobile casino, this ‘social’ casino phenomenon. The features are well-known, since Facebook is their pioneer. But when it comes to online poker, blackjack, roulette, slots and other games of chance, there is a wide open playing-field for developers to shape the social game experience.

The thing is, social features such as the following especially enhance the live, public excitement of casino games.

  • user profile with picture and homepage
  • tournament and multi-player landscapes
  • rich in-game chatting tools
  • rankings with world-wide player pools
  • gifting abilities with other players
  • capacity to draw fans and friends

These are just the standard toys. Can you imagine these mixed together in new ways, and, injected with more live video content. The Web and online gaming is at the edge of a massive video revolution. Many technical and cultural factors are converging toward a common video lifestyle.

The agreements between live social features and casinos are obvious, are they not? It is really just a matter of implementing the new technology and accustoming players to it.

In this, WildSpin is apparently a front-runner and therefore a pioneer of social casino entertainment. It is one to watch, therefore. If this new horizon appeals to you, then we recommend you dive in at the WildSpin Facebook Page.

TIP: You could land in an ideal position to receive loyalty benefits when the fully-fledged wildspincasino.com is launched.

Do we think you should invest in knowing how to play social casino at this point? Well, yes we do. Social features are not a mere fad for this type of gaming. Social will be here to stay, even affecting the wider range of Web services.

Getting on board the social bandwagon now, after all, is loads of fun. If you don’t like WildSpin, or you don’t care for the social approach to casino, then you can always switch back! We don’t think that you will, though.


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