Where to Find the Best Casino Tournaments

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Casino tournaments are a staple of the brands that are more exciting and put added effort into their promotions. This guide will aim to educate you on how online casino tournaments work and where you can find them.

Top Casinos for Tourneys

An obvious starting point is to share a handful of the best casino sites for tourneys. So, let’s start with the following options:

  • Rizk Casino Rizk Races take places once a month and let players compete to build up winnings to earn prizes. Join Rizk Casino now for a 100% welcome bonus.
  • Moobile Games Keep an eye on the promos for the chance to win special prizes in tourneys. Moobile Games can also deliver a £545 welcome package.
  • Lucky Admiral Take part in the regular tourneys for the chance to win extra funds. Lucky Admiral will also match your first deposit up to £200.

Tournament Types

There is the potential for tournaments based on all manner of casino games. Basically, you can encounter a tournament centred on any game where performance can be tracked. Check out the categories here for more details…

Video Slots

Slot tournaments are among the most common on casino sites because they offer players the ability to compete on the basis of winnings or total wagering, but the latter category is less ideal. Basically, it is more appealing to be rewarded for doing well rather than for simple draining your bankroll.

When it comes to winnings, players typically do battle in leaderboard challenges within a specified window of time. Prizes will then be awarded based on where players finish once the tourney has been concluded.

Table Games

These types of tournaments can be a little less frequent because there are many more slot game variants because of their different themes. Nevertheless, some casino sites will host table game tournaments that can invite players to see who is the most successful when it comes to competing on the likes of blackjack or roulette.

Poker Tables

Online poker tournaments were the first main form of gambling tournament, with players carrying on from the TV competitions that they had witnessed from events such as the World Series of Poker.

Explaining the Costs

Before diving into online tournaments, you should first discover the potential costs that will arise from your participation. Below are some of the most common tournament costs that you will encounter:

  • Wagering real money: Casino tournaments are not free promotions and you will have to spend some amount of real money to be involved. Most often, you can enter without a fee before wagering with real money and not bonuses.
  • Entry fees: This approach is more commonly adopted by poker tournaments, whereby entry fees are needed in order to have a prize fund. Additional fees might be needed if poker players elect to exercise rebuy options.

Look for Exclusive Tournaments

There are times when online gambling sites attempt to add greater prestige to their tournaments through the imposition of exclusivity. Quite commonly, this will be through limiting access to very important players (VIPs) and high rollers.

These players are used to gambling with much higher bankrolls, so the action can be extremely intense in these exclusive tournaments. By design, these can either take the form of winning the most, beating others in head-to- head competition (mostly poker), or simply wagering more than anybody else.

What You Can Win

Being the best in a casino tournament could see you winning one of many different prizes depending on where you have decided to play.

Cash Prizes

Cold hard cash is one of the most popular prizes because players can use the money to spend it exactly how they want to. However, cash prizes are usually reserved for the players who finish in the highest tournament places, such as the top five, top ten, or top 20.

Bonus Funds

Smaller-scale tournaments might award bonuses or free spins as the main prizes, but these can also be made available as the lower-level prizes for cash tournaments. Funds of this nature are typically awarded without the need to make deposits, but the funds can have wagering requirements attached before withdrawing them.

Consumer Prizes

These days, there are lots of exciting items out there. Tournament prizes can be an excellent way of acquiring electronic items like smartphones, tablets, laptops, gaming consoles, and even VR headsets.

Holidays and Events

Casino will award these prizes when they truly want to capture the imaginations of their players. Over the years, some of the most common holiday prizes have been Vegas vacations. However, there have also been holidays to huge events such as the World Cup or music festivals.

As you can see, there is a lot to enjoy with online casino tournaments, but only when you find the best ones. This guide has done exactly that for you.

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