We really like the fresh, sunshiny, cheerful atmosphere at Vera & John’s mobile casino — never mind who Vera or John are! But you’ll know what time it is right away at this site (literally, too, there’s a helpful clock hovering on the pages). Here’s what the homepage says:

  • Over 400 games to play.
  • Plenty of bonuses to scoop up.
  • You can create your own rooms.
  • The first deposit bonus is 100% up to £100 or 100 Euro

And that’s it. These are the basic benefits we’re looking for at any good online casino.

Many Many Attractions

Once we continued to explore V&J’s, there were many more surprises in store. The first was the depth of game selection. This is not a one-source-only (as in all games from Microgaming) casino, but one that has hand-picked games from many vendors. Hence, you have a rich photographic slot like Untamed Wolf, and,  the zany 3D-animated slots from Net|Ent that give you a little video entertainment, too.


The next thing you notice is the lack of downloads here. This is in keeping with the ‘modern’ trend that mentions: games that run inside your browser window, whether you are at home on a desktop computer or you’re on the go with a mobile gadget, either phone or tablet.

The games will work on any system, from Apple to Android Ice Cream Sandwich, Windows Phone also. That’s the beauty of this new, cutting edge game software that is always available whenever you have a solid Web connection, using your Web browser. No more downloads clogging up your system, nor waiting for updates, and worrying about app conflicts and spyware (right?) — no download needed, that’s leading with the new norm.


Next, jackpots! Do you like big jackpots, like £12 million, or a host of others in the many-thousands of pounds range? Well, okay then, Vera&John’s is the right place for you. Combine this with the opportunity to play tournaments, and you have limitless fun with huge winning potential.

There’s plenty of live online help for getting started. As expected from a legitimate online casino, you can deposit securely using a variety of alternatives to credit cards, too.

Unusual Charm

The overall feeling at this quirky casino is nothing like the stuffy leathery atmospheres in ‘classic’ establishments. What would you expect when, as the site says, V&J’s is a homegrown classic ‘run by a group of funky and charming people’. If that’s the sort of informal setting you prefer to pretentious and glamourous spots, then you are in luck.

The thing is, this is a serious casino at the same time. They’re running at least three different game platforms, so that you have the maximum choice. We’ve rarely seen that kind of choosiness from sites, and when we did it was at colossal brands like Virgin Mobile. has been around for while, you  see.

The games load incredibly fast. You can play for fun before even signing up, completely anonymous. It’s really quite amazing how accessible online casino action has become.

Enjoy this rich and playful mobile casino, from whatever device you find yourself on!

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