US Casinos with Mobile Apps

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The USA’s love-hate relationship with online gaming continues to evolve and exactly what kind of beast it will turn into is anybody’s guess. But we wouldn’t be proper red-blooded gamblers if we didn’t try now would we!

Things look most promising at the US online card tables. Fortunately for American poker lovers, there is a flurry of development of legal mobile gambling apps in certain states. Although, as any European card player will tell you, a fragmented US online poker seen will suit no one in the short term.

Predictions for 2013

The rumor-mill is ramping up and real money US gamers’ hunger for some serious slots to spin is rife. Here are a couple of market predictions for the big US casino players in 2013:

  1. Top of the list is the partnership between 888 and Caesars. Caesars’ brick and mortar presence is what will drive the licensing process and its recent acquisition of Playtika is worth noting. Meanwhile 888‘s experience online will give them the edge in getting casino products to market. An 888 casino US players can enjoy may not be as far-fetched as it sounds.
  2. Next up is a similar association between another UK company, bwin.Party, and MGM. Again, MGM will lead the race to get licenses in line while bwin.Party will hope it can roll out some successful casino products Americans can get excited about.

Of course all of this could easily take longer than expected, especially if companies prefer to wait for a federal ruling. Fingers crossed for some news before 2014 comes around.

The Difference Between the Continents

Given the surprisingly large proportion of American states courting or enacting pro-gambling laws to boost their economies (nearly 20% of the US), avid players will one day find a prized mobile casino download relatively close by if their homes are in states where it is still illegal. But the future of casinos that accept US players is far from certain.


Unlike in other international online-casino markets, such as the UK or the EU, the United States has no federal or top-down legalization regime, nor is one ever likely to evolve. There is too much debate about the sanity of allowing gambling online across the USA’s wide and diverse population.

But certain communities, cities and whole states are legalizing the games independently — enabled by the only permission expected to come from the highest courts, the overturning of precedent in using older laws to prohibit states from hosting Internet-based gambling or betting. That means that states are free now to allow it if they choose.

Upon that backdrop, there is a variety of new online and lottery mobile games entering US casino markets. Not only are there game studios ramping up, the ways that games are reaching the public vary greatly.

Roads to the Rainbow’s End

Here are a few recent examples of how American players are getting the chance to play their favorite games of chance.

New York – A hotel in the Poconos has offered a mobile app that promotes all of its services and amenities, including a play-for-fun (i.e., not for cash) casino slots. This particular roll-out of a mobile gambling app could be considered the lightest, and its purpose is to simply whet players’ appetites for real casino games at the resort. To that end, for instance, it publishes celebratory notices of the casino’s latest winners, and so on.

Michigan – A tribal casino in Michigan is availing itself of new turn-key product provided by Nevada company Aristocrat so that players can continue playing outside the land-based casino, aiming to drive customers back to the actual place. This route also provides players with a trusted way to play online (with the same casino where they played in person).

New Jersey – Atlantic City has legislated relaxed laws on mobile betting within its casinos, to keep up with both technology and with Las Vegas and Nevada in general, the country’s leader in progressive online gambling. Atlantic City patrons will now be able to use their mobile devices to place bets on sports within the establishment. [Read more…]

Nevada – A company called WMS has been granted Nevada’s first license to provide gaming equipment and programming to the state’s casinos. This implementation of its newest law has happened immediately: which shows the demand from the politicians and players alike. [Read more…]

Delaware – It seems like a lot of folks don’t really take Delaware’s attempts to legalize online gambling particularly seriously. After an early lead they have since lagged behind. [Read more…]

California – If anywhere in the USA could surprise us it would be the Golden State. And it’s not a paradox to say that it could just as easily get bogged down in online casino bureaucracy like all the others. [Read more…]

One thing is clear, Nevada was the first to regulate online poker. WMS has a play-for-fun platform that easily scales to real-cash gambling, which is designed to follow the legalization momentum in the US. But it won’t mean much without Federal guidance.