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Ukash has been acquired by paysafecard. This merger means that Ukash services have now been entirely absorbed by Paysafecard, which is the largest brand of e-voucher available on the web. After completion of the 2015 acquisition, Ukash vouchers can no longer be accepted because all of the codes are now invalid. You now have to purchase paysafecard to continue paying by e-voucher at online casinos.

Unlike a credit or debit card, with paysafecard you only have access to money that you actually have. One of these e-vouchers is purchases in advanced for a specific cash amount. In the transaction, you receive a pin code that can be entered online to unlock your cash with a new online casino account, plus various other online vendors.

Functionally, you only have access to the amount of money that you have decided to spend on something beforehand. Since paysafecard works exactly the same way as Ukash, you can see why they the latter has purchased. Casino player who switch from Ukash to paysafecard can feel confident that they will be using a well-designed e-voucher.

For quite some time, players appreciated how Ukash would limit their exposure to wagering. Now, though, they can depend on paysafecard if they wish to use a set budget for their next online casino session. With a credit card or e-wallet, you could foreseeably keep spending funds. Thankfully, however, an e-voucher will enable you to cut yourself off after the value has been depleted.

Ukash vs PaySafeCard

By and large, Ukash was largely the same as paysafecard. However, there were some differences between them. From a functional standpoint, a Ukash card was built to feature a pin code made up of 19 digits. Comparatively, though, paysafecard’s pin code was a more manageable 16 digits. Typing in three fewer digits made the process quicker than paysafecard.

TIP: Paysafecard offers all of Ukash’s services and more. On the website you also can manage your vouchers, including combining them.

Not only can you consolidate your own virtual cash with paysafecard, you can also send some to friends or family in other countries (a bit like Western Union). A big difference between paysafecard, the world’s largest such tool, and other alternative methods is that paysafecard is a globally networked service. Basically, this payment method offers many more features than you may have expected or even needed. Either way, you can go to the paysafecard website if you ever need in-depth information.

TIP: On the paysafecard site, there is an innovative validating tool for online shops and services that you can trust. This is extremely helpful in searching for trusted vendors.

There are many different online casinos that accept paysafecard. You can check out our favourites below:

21 Prive
Lucky Admiral

Unlike other types of alternative payment methods, paysafecard displays a strong commitment to communicating with its customers. Your four ways to ‘get up close and personal’ include Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and an official blog. The first two are the most effective if you want to ask questions to paysafecard staff. They are extremely experienced with handling online gambling queries. So, do not hesitate to send them a question if you are ever uncertain about anything at all.

E-vouchers like paysafecard are so effective because they were fundamentally designed as online payment methods. Although credit and debit cards can be used online, they were designed years before the world needed to make online payments. As a result, you are guaranteed to be safer if you use paysafecard instead. The act of buying credit offline that can be redeemed online will ensure that your banking details are protected.

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