UK Mobile Broadband Means New Casino Markets

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4G is coming on fast in the UK (and globally, but the UK seems to be leading), which may raise certain questions among enthusiasts of online casino gaming. If you’re like us, you’re wondering will 4G improve my games?

The very latest and best way to play mobile broadband gaming is on a 4G network with good coverage. Actual coverage and actual speeds are important, not the figures printed on the brochures.

NOTE: In the UK, a broadband pipe advertised at 7.2Mbps shrinks to as small as 1Mbps by the time your iPhone or laptop turns it on. Check out cool iPhone & iPad casino apps.

The Hunt for Hi-Speed Mobile

Because there are a few ins and outs you should know about, we’ve put together the following short list. These are concerns for 3G and 4G services, especially relevant if you’re thinking of upgrading to 3G or 4G for your multi-player poker or sportsbook bets. (Don’t worry, if you don’t know what the bolded things mean — we explain each below.)

  • More important than download speeds, and therefore type of ISP from which you buy broadband, is the connection’s ping rate.
  • You may need to get proactive about receiving a good signal, whether your connection is a land-based cable or 3G-mobile, for example, by using signal boosters.
  • Speeds of 4G for mobiles will be fast enough for snappy casino action provided your connection is stable.

Now then, what does all that mean? Okay, let’s unpack those terms a bit. It’s fairly straightforward that download rate is the main speed factor in your connection, since it’s how fast pages load, or downloads stream, YouTube videos buffer, and, importantly, online games perform. See how compatible your mobile is with casino apps, check out the article.

Take and Give

Games work in a two-directional way, you see. The device on which you play live mobile-broadband Poker receives graphics and actions by downloading them, but the game does not proceed until the game servers receive your own actions. To send your interactions speedily, so that your character in the game reacts fast enough to compete, you’ll also need fast upload speeds and ‘ping’ values.

The ping rates of most dedicated home broadband services work great for online casino games (less than 100ms). WiFi access from that connection will also work well. The ping speeds of 3G mobile are sometimes as high as 200 ms, which is too high (even if you don’t bother knowing what kind of measurement that is) for intense gaming. It will work tolerably well for casino games like slots.

What To Do

If you have a signal that is lagging or you have bad reception, you can do something about it. For laptop users with a ‘dongle’ supplying the Web access, you can add a third-party booster to improve your pick-up. For phones and tablets with 3G/4G, you’ll simply have to map your house scientifically to find the best spots to receive your signal.

Once we’re all using 4G, we won’t have to think about any of this, mind you, because its download speed range of 30Mbps and 60ms ping rates are fast enough to overcorrect for user congestion, and what have you.

You will need to do a bit of polling with services such as EE (Everything Everywhere) or any other very confident-sounding mobile provider (let alone their special gamer accounts), to ensure its quality is real for either 3G or 2G.

Finally, using the things we just discussed, here’s what to ask about:

  • Ping rate — this is a key question to ask for 3G.
  • Download rate — the actual speed, please! 2-4 Mbps is great.
  • Bandwidth fluctuations — good pressure in the Web pipe?
  • Reception areas — are there transmitter towers in range of you?

Provided you get the best service (with good reception), we can say without reservation that 4G will improve your casino game, whatever it may be. Just imagine an extra micro-second’s glimpse during the action of your next crucial online Poker round! You wouldn’t want losses just because your connection poops out.

If you wager real money in online casinos then you’ll not want to skimp on your connection, bottom line.