The Post-iPad Age: Android Casino Apps for Your Tablet

We predict that the word mobile is going to undergo a change in meaning over the next few years. Just as dramatically as smartphones and apps have become so popular, we will witness the era of tablet computers begin, abruptly.

And then soon enough, the meaning of ‘mobile’ will double to about ten inches of screen.

Top 3 Casinos

Our favourite three are all careful to offer apps optimised for Android Tablet. Click the links below to read a full review of one of our top three recommendations.

  1. Pocket Win Mobile Casino
  2. mFortune Mobile Casino
  3. Mobile Casino

Okay, their apps may not yet be tailored specifically for Android tablets – yet. But at least the imagery makes it abundantly clear that their Android apps work on tablets.

The Age of Tablets

The question right now is how fast non-Apple tablets and operating systems can catch up with the new iPads, which have an early lead. We can tell this by a simple observation: online casinos usually provide special apps for the iPad but do not for Android-tablets. Android devices are all lumped together.

There is actually basic adaptability in an Android app to run on different-sized screens. But when an app is designed specifically for tablet dimensions and the tablets’ special hardware features, you will have a much more robust experience playing the games.

Updates to the Android tablet operating system may be released en mass as ‘Honeycomb’ or ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’. Once the system is the focus of game designers, we will definitely see more visibility for ‘Android tablet’ specifically in places like mobile casinos, alongside the iPad links.

What The Survey Didn’t Say…

Strangely, in our survey of the leading e-casinos, many of the most popular sites do not distinguish the phones from tablets that also run Android. Looking at LadyLucks and Wild Jack Mobile Casino you find it difficult to really zero-in on app compatibility to find out if they’re Android app performs well on a tablet.

Anyway, as we opined above, very soon tablets will be front-centre in everybody’s minds, even swallowing up the telephone functions from smartphones. Microsoft is releasing a tablet called Surface, which runs Windows 8, a system which itself accommodates (assumes) users have tablets. This hardware/program event from such a prominent software maker will surely bring tablets into many more hands than Apple could (or cared to do), but generally it will hasten the tablet marketplace along.

Our Top 3 sources for Android apps are already on the vanguard of things to come. Soon after we start seeing app buttons and badges displaying Android tablets, we will also start seeing Windows 8 options, and things will really get interesting.

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