ThunderStruck Mobile Game

The mobile version of Thunderstruck slots boasts powerful main features including its pure five-reel format, nine pay-lines and strikingly beautiful graphics. What are the other aspects of this winning mobile casino game that make people want to try their hand at it as soon as Thor, its central character, appears?

In a word, it’s got to be the jackpots that Thunderstruck mobile offers! This particular casino mobile app has some stunning ways to hit big money and mother lodes of free spins, as we’ll soon see. The cash potential of Thunder-Struck — one of Microgaming’s most loved mobile slots games — surely justifies why the theme of Nordic god fits it so well!

To understand how celestial wins on Thunderstruck mobile can fall on you, its five reels’ main symbols must be taken into heart and mind:

  • Thor, himself
  • Castle
  • Hammer
  • Fist
  • Horn
  • Bolts of lightning
  • Magic Rams

We’re talking about winning up to 10,000 coins for each coin bet when you have five Thor symbols on a pay-line of Thunderstruck mobile slots (there are 9 in all). The Thor symbol, obviously, is the most winning one, so let’s specifically break down its other payoffs:

  • 2 Thors = 10x coins
  • 3 Thors = 200x coins
  • 4 Thors = 2,ooox coins

NOTE: Beyond the obvious big-win possibilities with Thor, you should pay most attention to the Magical Ram image (don’t worry: you’ll know it when you see it because it flashes as if in a thunder storm).

The Ram is the scatter symbol in the Thunderstruck mobile world. That means that whenever you hit two or more Rams anywhere on the five reels then you win jackpots, just like that. But it gets even more interesting with these Magic Rams.

Get three or more Rams, and the mobile version of Thunderstruck hits you with 15 magic free spins. You must have perfect faith in Thor’s Rams, because if you go on to win on any of the free spins, then your payout is magically tripled on it!

Lastly, let’s dwell a moment upon the art and design of Thunderstruck mobile as well as its video effects. The imagery on the symbols, their smooth rolling, the game’s awe-inspiring sounds, rich animations and easy controls along the bottom panel make the user experience truly elevated. The app is available from either an android casino or new iphone casino sites plus other mobile platforms.

Although you may feel humbled by the power of Thor as you find your faith learning this excellent game, you’ll go downright pagan after you win an unearthly sum from one of Thunder-struck’s gracious jackpots!

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