The Samsung Galaxy S III Is the World’s New Top Gaming Phone

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Pre-orders for Samsung’s newest Galaxy S phone, the third, are now underway all over the globe. It has received plenty of glowing and fawning reviews, as well as some nit-pik complaints (including contrasting the Galaxy to the iPhone).

It garners much attention from users 0ver-eager to game on it, from mobile casino games to action titles. It is a flagship smartphone, one designed to compete with the iPhone as well as against all the other flagship phones competing with the iPhone.

The S3 delivers a gaming experience that will stun and amaze and thrill almost anyone. The reason is partially revealed by the following key specs:

  • Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ OS
  • dual-core S4 chipset @ 1.4Ghz
  • HD Super AMOLED
  • 2GB RAM
  • 4G LTE support
  • 8 mega pixel camera
  • full range of sensors

The GS3 is a large phone, with a maximal touch screen, and a body that is as thin and slim as can be. Its whole shape is streamlined and curved on the back, which makes it super comfortable to hold. These qualities make it a perfect mobile game console.

Virtual Reality

Very little can get between you and your mobile slots or bingo or social poker. With a screen that is as large as you can hold in one hand, your gaming will seem to fill your frame of vision. If you wear ear buds, well, then you’ll be immersed completely in the casino.

Top brands like Wild Jack, LadyLucks, Moobile Games, and AllSlots Mobile Casino will surely respond directly to this Samsung model rather than treat it merely as another Android gaming phone. So, games created for it will deserve to be called ‘Galaxy casinos’, and we’ll probably see this term come into common usage. That’s in part because Samsung has gone to the trouble of customizing the Android system, adding all sorts of fun tools that make use its full belt of sensors (including a barometer!).

For example, if you lift the GS3 to your ear whilst looking at a contact, the phone will dial that number.

Smarter Games

These kinds of sensor inputs will also increase within the games themselves. Online poker, with its literal ‘hands’ being held and being played against one another, is one area of games in which it is very likely we will see play-action features based upon hand gestures as much as taps to the screen.

And as we’ve probably mentioned before, the advent of forward-facing cameras (following iPhone’s lead) in addition to faster 4G connections opens the field to more use of video. It could become common to hold small video chats with bingo buddies or slots compatriots as you play while sitting in the Tube.

Since phones are becoming as powerful as the new Galaxy S we will also be treated to more live video screening within our favourite games as well. With its latest stake in the smartphone world, Samsung is advancing the technology of mobile casino gaming, but the games themselves just happen to push the limits of such phones.

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