Spring Break

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Microgaming’s newest two slot machines, Spring Break and Ladies Nite, have almost identical game specs, but for two key details. Spring Break gives you the ability to bet up to £2 while Ladies Nite has a top bet of £1,  and, Spring Break’s wild symbol triples rather than doubles your win.

Theme Tricks?

So basically what we are looking at here — true of other Microgaming releases also — is a game dressed up in two skins and presented as two different games. This one, Spring Break, is perhaps the more male-oriented. Its a boys-and-girls approach to game titles, with a slightly higher payout potential for the boys.

Still and all, we have to admit that we think Spring Break’s look-and-feel and appearance has more contrast and so it is easier to decipher while playing.

A Major Advance in Mobile Gaming

But beyond the two games’ vital functions and themes, Microgaming’s essential feature offered by these is a very wonderful thing, especially for Apple users: the game is fully browser-embedded so that there’s no need for Flash.

Here’s a run-down on the symbols that matter for winning:

  • Wild symbol: the Spring Break emblem
  • Scatter symbol: the Beach Party
  • Other fun matching symbols: ice cream, babes, barbecue, burgers, nachos and tacos, and of course cold beers

Artwork on these is top-notch, with square portraits of scenes like the beach and the barbecue, and then all the food items that are portrayed so attractively that you may be struck by the munchies in mid-play. The good thing about this mobile game is that you can carry it on a mobile device while you raid the kitchen.

You can spin for a pence, and, you can play in practice mode … but to win you have to think outside the box by betting larger. The top payout is 10,000 coins, which could send you into a near-perpetual spring vacation!

The Value of Good Art

It may be that Microgaming is a software giant for mobile casino gaming, however, in our humble opinion their art department could increase the polish and overall design innovation in these slots. They look good enough, but the casing for the playing screen, for example, just looks clunky and outdated.

Since the company obviously remains aware of how important the themes are (because players obviously tend to be attracted to things within their interests, like partying with girlfriends and eating unctuous food at the beach) we are eager to see Microgaming step up its visual design end.

Otherwise, the game is solid, with funny sound effects and vivid colours that add a lot when you’re playing through a smaller mobile screen. With so many games and themes offered by Microgaming, and given their technical kinship, you could literally play a matching theme whenever you enjoy certain events in your life like going out clubbing or going on vacation.

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