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Casino games are not only played by gamblers, but by gamers as well. After all, many of these games have been carefully refined over the years and are now widely enjoyed for free in social gaming.

Social Casino Gaming Defined

Social gaming differs from real money gambling in that gamers will never play for cash. Typically, these are free casino games that are delivered through major social media channels – hence, the social aspect of the definition.

Social casinos are often made available through specialized apps rather than the websites being run by gambling operators. From Facebook games to Google + games and Android to Apple iOS, there are numerous ways in which to sample these free games.

What Free Social Games Are There?

There are several popular types of games out there to be played. At times, these are available as apps that are dedicated to one type, whereas other apps can combine numerous types of games into a larger collection:

  • Slots: These reel-based games work well on social casino apps, with players challenged to unlock an array of features, skins, characters, and more.
  • Scratch games: The traditional scratch card has also made the transition to social apps and now features in various casino collections.
  • Poker: Friends can compete against each other while tracking all of the results through Facebook or other social media apps. And the best part is that nobody has to lose any cash.
  • Blackjack: A whole host of different blackjack variants can be played just for fun. This is ideal for players who just want to kick back with a few hands of cards.
  • Roulette: Social roulette is fun because this format will see special skins introduced for the wheels, while mini games can also be integrated in some apps.

Social Casino Pros and Cons

There are some players who will likely be thinking about the pros and cons of playing at social casinos. Well, here is a straightforward assessment of the experience:

Pros Cons
You can play games for free Free credits can be exhausted
You can earn additional casino credits But this might call for players to buy credits
Compete against friends Not guaranteed for every social casino
Unlock special features and perks Cash is usually required for most of these
Practise games like poker and blackjack You will never be able to win cash

How the Social Casino Operators Make Money

There is no organisation in the world that can afford to provide all of its services free for an indefinite period of time. This also applies to social casino operators, who fund their businesses in a different way to real money operators. This section will briefly explain how the social operators fund their enterprises.

Casino Credits

Social casinos will introduce players for free and award credits/currency that is necessary to play the games. At some point, those credits will be exhausted by players, who will then have to wait until they next receive free credits or else just pay for them.

Virtual Goods

Players can find the option of paying for in-game items to enhance their experience. This can include pretty much anything depending on the app. For example, a mobile slot app could give players the ability to pay for in-game avatars, while a table game app could focus on delivering new skins to alter the appearance.

App Features

One of the most common examples is when players download an app and receive a restricted version without all of the games. Players can unlock additional games through paying to have access them. This is quite common when it comes to social slot games.

The Biggest Social Casino Developers

Not all social casino developers are created equal. These are the most consistently impressive developers in the business:

  • Zynga: The FarmVille developer peaked with 265 million daily users and has also created casino, slots, and poker apps.
  • Crowdpark: This German-based developer is in the process of developing a new wave of social video slots for mobile devices.
  • Double Down Interactive: No stone is left unturned by this social developer of poker, video poker, slots, bingo, and table games.
  • Playtika: This developer is excellent at creating branded social gaming apps. The top examples include Caesars Casino, Bingo Blitz, Slotomania, and WSOP Poker.

Most Played Social Casinos

The most popular social gaming apps have been downloaded millions of times. Here are some of the world’s favourite options:

  • Zynga Poker: Millions of players enjoy this diverse social poker app across Facebook, Google +, Android, Windows, Apple, and other platforms.
  • Slotomania: This mobile compatible slots app features top titles like Nashville Nights, Magic Trixie, and Moonlight Monsters.
  • Double Down Poker: Switch through poker variants such as Texas hold’em, Omaha, and five-card draw.

Social gaming offers a nice alternative whenever you want a break from real money gambling. Make sure to check out some of the apps featured in this guide.

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