Smart Watch Casinos

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As much as we adore our smartphones and tablets, they are such precious items. Everybody has heard of the horror stories of friends and family members dropping their devices off tables, while getting off the bus, or even down the toilet! For those unfortunate souls that didn’t invest in overpriced handset insurance, an expensive repair bill or fresh purchase will be required.

Mobile casinos are just one of the many reasons why people are now using their mobile devices more than ever. There is so much that can be done on these devices that it becomes difficult to ever put them away. But the problem is that the world won’t sit idly by and respect our shiny new toys. Therefore, it is interesting to learn that smartwatch casinos are the next technological casino development on the horizon.

Microgaming Leading Race

Back in March 2014, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), Microgaming unveiled a groundbreaking new concept: online casino support for smart watches. In particular, the unveiling raised the very real prospect of mobile casinos on Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 models. With mobile casino games now on tablets, why not move on to smart watches?

During MWC 2014, Microgaming were unable to offer little in the way of specifics. At the earliest, we don’t expect smart watch casinos to become a reality until 2015. In a YouTube video demonstrating the technology, it’s immediately apparent that The Dark Knight slot is being played. In terms of functionality, the game features a different resolution to the smartphone and tablet versions, and this poses a challenge.

Development Potential Limited

Developers like Microgaming are going to have resize all of their casino games before they will be compatible as iWatch casino apps. Although not impossible, it will take time and resources to finish the conversion process. And it appears that the initial focus will be on the Galaxy Gear 2, rather than competing wearable technology devices like the Sony Smartwatch 2 and Motorola 360.

To speculate on the potential of smart watch casinos, developers will have to concentrate on just a couple of devices. Look back to when most developers focused on the iPhone before later moving on to Android smartphones and later tablet devices. Based on the activity from Microgaming, you would be wise to invest in a Samsung device if you aspire to play at smart watch casinos in the future.

Pros and Cons

Hands down the greatest pro is the fact that the watch is attached to your wrist. This will let you stand in crowds and play casino games without fear of dropping your device, after which it could smash or be crushed under the weight of people.

The first con has got to be compatibility. Casino developers were slow to embrace Android compatibility, and that operating system has many more users than iOS. Smart watches are a luxury compared to phones. Smartphones represent the evolution that people already needed.

Another con is that the screen size will make it tough for playing any games other than slots. Just imagine playing roulette on a tiny screen and trying to place complex bets on the felt. The touch-based nature of smartphones is calling out for slots.

Can I Play?

In 2014, we are yet to encounter any casinos offering smart watch support and functionality. Like we predicted above, it could be 2015 before there is even reasonable uptake among casinos. That being said, we can’t rule out a launch later in 2014.

The most obvious direction to look to is among the Microgaming casinos that offer both live casino and mobile casino platforms. By providing access for both platforms to players, these casinos are indicating a distinct willingness to embrace technology. However, this is no guarantee that the top casinos will believe in the concept.

However, you can bet that Microgaming will do everything in its power to encourage its most renowned casino partners to showcase a potentially groundbreaking piece of technology. Don’t expect a widespread rollout, but definitely look for famous Microgaming brands to make the leap.

At present, smart watch casinos are looking like an innovation too far for the industry. Many casinos still haven’t upgraded to either mobile or live casino platforms. Nevertheless, we will keep you updated with the latest developments!