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‘Social’ features are influencing virtually all online casino entertainment. The features have been entering standard games as chats, user profiles, Web friends, gifts and messaging with friends, tournament play and so on.

But some casinos opt to foreground these social toys, and make them central to the whole experience of an app or Facebook-based game. The Slots Social Casino is a great example of this.

Graphics-wise, and in terms of game design, we would not class the slot titles you’ll find at Slots Social along with the most advanced games available (such as 3D slots from Net| Ent or blockbusters from Playtech and Microgaming).

Perhaps Slots Social had to sacrifice its design department in order to develop, in contrast, a robust suite of social networking tools. Here are the kinds of things you get to do for fun using the free Slots Social app (for Apple or Android):

● Create your player profile

● Maintain your own My Page in the casino

● Win, receive and buy chips

● Have a friends list inside the casino

● Send gifts to your friends

● Earn a player ranking

● Gather followers/fans

● Play games with friends online

● Sing in with Facebook login

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Slots Social is made by Playport. The apps are free to download and play (theoretically), yet you will probably purchase more chips or want to unlock games at some point. These are not costly in-app purchases, mind you (most are a few quid, or under 20).

There are also bonuses, although of course they’re not cash. You will receive a bonus every two hours as well as a daily bonus. Plus, when other players begin to follow you on your My Page as a player (remember that you are a player with a skill ranking), a bonus is coming your way for that, too.

In other respects Slots Social by Playport is easy to understand and play. The lobby screen shows you a busy casino floor in the background, with big slot-machine symbols for each title, such as Stone Age and Treasure Island. See another exciting gaming provider here

These previews also show you the minimum bet (such as .25) and the Action +/- rating (you’ll learn more about the points and such once you register — so be sure to ask your new friends for advice and guidance).

Your ranking is the main piece of capital and value inside Slots Social, since this is a for-fun casino app. Your status or skill is categorised and compared to other players in various ways:

● You versus your followers

● You versus the world’s players

● You versus your friends

● You versus players in your country

You see, even with relatively simple slot games, Slots Social achieves intriguing complexity through its social features. Once you start interacting with other players, keep on for your 2-hr bonuses, receive little windfalls from friends who have won jackpots, and so on, you will have caught the social fun-bug!

We can recommend Slots-Social games for players who are not interested in realwagering, or, even avid online gamblers who like to loosen up or cool down with some just-for-fun casual slots. Want more fun mobile casino games?? See this article

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