Slots Friendzy

There are an awful lot of ‘friendzy’-titled games bumping around on the Web now, even on Facebook. Some are even called by variants of ‘slots frenzy’. Actually, Bingo Friendzy by Zynga is known as the first real-cash (gambling) app on the world’s preeminent social network.

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There is also a ‘Slot Friendzy’ (notice the singular ‘Slot’) up there, which shows how tight the competition is for Facebook slot games when just an extra ‘s’ in a name suffices for brand distinctions.

Truth be told, the subject of this review, Slots (plural!) Friendzy, was the first real-cash slots game page on Facebook as far as we know. Keep in mind that this is available only within British territory, where online gambling has been thriving for some time.

Games of Great Variety

The selection of games in Slots Friendzy, each with its own distinctive bonus rounds, is virtually endless. Playing through the Facebook page gives you the most choices, by the way (but you can also play at These slots are 5-reel machines with 25 fixed pay lines.

Let’s go through some of the main features of Slots Friendzy so you know how different this is from online casinos. This is social casino, folks — social slots to be precise. That means that you’re never playing alone.

For example, if you happen to land three bonus symbols and get a chance at the Wheel of Friendzy, you can instead gift that to one of your Friendzy buddies online. That person will see their bonus upon the next login. There are over four million member-players on Slots Friendzy, and your own friends are very likely to be involved already!

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The Social Scene

The difference between these slots and the classic fruities or bingo has to do with how the graphics behave. In the former two, graphics are pretty fixed. In Slots Friendzy the title characters, Friendzies, pile up in your Friendzy Time meter off to the side. When your meter tank fills with these cute little monsters, you enter a bonus round called Friendzy Time in which they run amok changing the reel symbols and bring in big winnings to you!

The Joy of Jackpots

The main feature that makes this social slot mecca on Facebook stand above most slot machines you find on the Web is its very communal orientation to progressive jackpots. The parent of this game is Jackpotjoy, after all, which has been making itself famous throughout the UK with its fun performance-ads (such as huge yellow ducks floating on the Thames).

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There are actually two jackpots based upon the rising progressive total, one that goes to the winning spinner and another that is shared amongst all in the community of players who wagered within the prior 30 seconds before the big win.

So you see, in addition to innovative slots, you get the wonderful boons of social gaming features that increase your fun and can potentially make you luckier!

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