Sites like PaddyPower

When you land at it doesn’t feel so much like a website as it does a display, a dashboard, or a robust news site. That’s because what we have here is the online face of an extensive gambling establishment — complete with brick-and-mortar locations across the UK and Ireland.

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Click into the Mobile section (top/right link) and things looks simpler. In fact, Paddy lays out its mobile casino in one of the clearest ways we found. It’s categorized by game and by device:

And the mobile game selection is also very clear cut:

  • Betting (sports)
  • Video Poker
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Slots and side-games

We could only hope that most other online casinos made everything as easy to sort out as PaddyPower does. It even supplies the popular and very convenient black-and-white checker-like codes, which you scan with your device’s camera to go directly to the app download page. Click here for a full review of the Paddy Power mobile casino.

Under the Hood

All of these casino games are powered by a UK game studio called Probability PLC, licensed by Gibraltar. There are very good reasons why massively popular online casinos like PaddyPower, Moobile Games and even LadyLucks host Probability’s system and titles. You’ll recognize names like The Slot, Filthy Rich and top shelf cards — not surprising, since Brits know their cards, after all.

This studio has been specialized in mobile gaming for some time already. A statement from their website says it all: ‘One day, every gambling company will be a mobile company. Until that day, there’s Probability.’

How They Stack Up

We could compare Probability’s white label affiliate sites like PaddyPower to other online casinos (those running Microgaming or Playtech systems, for instance). And we could compare amongst Probability-powered casinos, as well, perhaps ultimately measuring against PaddyPower.

First, it may end up a matter of taste, as to which game suite you prefer, but Probability’s software is in use by millions of players (simultaneously!), which means you don’t have to shop around any more if you want to play now.

Secondly, PaddyPower has a distinctive presentation of these stellar, award-winning mobile games. You won’t find other Probability-powered new casino sites with the same polish, the same clarity, the same adult-oriented look-and-feel as PaddyPower. It’s the place for serious (and serious-hobbyist) betting, gambling and game-playing.

Head to Head

Let’s take Moobile and PaddyPower, in fact: Moobile Games is a leading mobile app provider, but their clientele is obviously very different than Paddy’s. Graphics are the fast indicator of a mobile casino’s tact and appeal. Moobile is cartoonish, playful and perhaps even a bit female-oriented. PaddyPower, on the other hand, is more like an on line gambling tool, and its mobile games are offered as serious fun — a player’s site.

All in all, if you are ready to be a player, a real player, then start at PaddyPower to learn the ropes. That’s where the serious mobile players are, and the best games.