Simple tips to prevent your mobile from being hacked

You might not think it, but your mobile devices are at greater risk from hackers than your laptop or PC. Mobile devices are used in the wider world, often on unsecure networks offering free Wi-Fi. But do you pause to give this thought? Well, you should. Hackers can access your devices on these networks and steal your data because mobile devices typically aren’t as secure as PCs or laptops. Take a look at the following advice to protect your mobile from hackers.

Create a Tougher Password

Don’t simply choose your dog’s name or your favourite football team. Hackers can easily source these kinds of details, and all they need to do is have a quick browse through your phone to find them. Then they will be ready to access your mobile casino account plus other sensitive information, which could even lead to fraudulent activity for which you might be held accountable.

However, the good news is that you can prevent all of this from happening simply by creating a more elaborate password that is more difficult to hack. For starters, your password should never be shorter than eight characters. All respectable websites now require users to use at least eight characters, after which there might be additional requirements. Here is a brief checklist for creating your own password:

  • Password is at least eight characters long – Self-explanatory.
  • Choose a mix of characters – Ensure that you have at least one letter, capital letter, number, and symbol. Using all of the same character type makes life much simpler for hackers.
  • Don’t use personal information – Don’t add your birth year or any personal information. Use phrases that have nothing to do with you.
  • Replace letters with numbers – Adding numbers in place of letters to spell phrases is a quick way of improving your password.
  • Differentiate passwords – Don’t use the same password for financial websites as you do for casual ones. Choose specialised financial passwords to add an extra layer of security.
  • Create a reminder – Write your new password on a piece of paper and store it somewhere safe. Resetting a perfectly good password is just plain irritating.

Creating multiple passwords that offer impressive security value can be tough. However, a quick solution is to use a random password generator to come up with a nondescript selection of symbols. All you need to do is type “random password generator” into Google to find a list of options (The Bitmill has a pretty good one).

Advice for Multi-device Apple Users

Nowadays, it’s uncommon for technology users not to have multiple devices in their life. On top of your laptop/PC, there will almost certainly be a smartphone and tablet in your life. And that’s wonderful for you, but it also widens the risk of exposure to hackers.

Apple users with MacBook, iPhone, and iPad will have three times the risk of their information being hacked. When creating your Apple ID, it is only possible to have one password for accessing your overall account. However, this does not prevent you from improving the security of your individual devices.

First off, alter the login password of your MacBook to differentiate it from that of your Apple ID. Then you can choose individual passwords for your iPhone and iPad. These are required for performing key functions and accessing security clearance. By having three different passwords, you will make it much tougher for hackers to access all three devices.

Antivirus/Malware Software for Mobiles

Despite people maintaining their antivirus and/or malware subscriptions for their laptops and PCs, many still overlook their mobile devices. In the UK, over a quarter of all website browsing is done on devices. Hackers have not missed this growing market and are already swooping in on unsuspecting users.

Visit the App Store and do a simple search for antivirus and/or malware software to find ratings and pricing options to help you choose the best. You can even try out the free options if you don’t want to spend any money. But the point is that you should be just as concerned for your mobile security as you are with your laptop or PC.

Don’t Use Bank Information at Mobile Casinos

The most important piece of advice for staying secure is to not use your personal banking information at mobile casinos. Depending on where you are situated, there could be multiple devices in the immediate vicinity that are capable of hacking your device. A hacker will then be able to intercept your transmission and obtain your sensitive information.

Thankfully, however, using a safer payment method can prevent that nightmare scenario. An e-wallet like PayPal will let you synchronise your bank account or credit/debit card to make and receive payments. You won’t have to provide any sensitive information when creating a mobile casino account and your transactions will be safe from unscrupulous hackers.

Consider all of this advice to come up with your own strategy for avoiding mobile hackers. You can avoid the heartache with a little action.