Sexy Poker Game

Sexy Poker by mFortune is not to be confused with Gameloft’s 2004 mobile game of the same name, in which Japanese anime (animated-style) ladies lose their garments. The game that mFortune gives us features real photos of hot-blooded humans. It’s reminiscent of an erotic deck of cards that you may have stumbled across — but this illustrated deck is on your phone or tablet screen.

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Sexy Poker is a form of Draw Poker in which silhouetted forms are uncovered to show un-cropped photos of women and men both, sexy people, in half-off clothing. And what do you know! The clothes go off when you win.

mFortune Appeal

Let’s talk about mFortune itself for a moment, because you won’t find this game anywhere else online. mFortune makes its own games instead of licensing titles from Microgaming, Platech, Net|Ent or Betsoft — the same games that so many other casinos also license. If all the games are the same, then does it matter much where you play them?

That question does not come up with mFortune, and the site’s customized feel is unmistakable. You’ll also notice a real focus upon customer service and player retention through individualized bonuses for each player (based upon playing habits). Here’s a round-up of the benefits players receive from mFortune Mobile Casino:

  • The bonus on your first deposit is 100%, up to £100. More important than the amount, is the fact that mFortune maintains a strict policy of not loading its bonuses with conditions and fine print. You keep what you win using this bonus cash, fortunately.
  • When you sign up you’ll get a little treat of £5 to help you round that learning curve of using a new site with unique games. Don’t worry, because there will be plenty of other bonuses coming your way as you continue on as an mFortune customer.
  • There are many side-benefits here, including a very generous and very innovative friend-referral scheme: invite your high-roller friends first because you’ll receive half of whatever they put down as their first deposit, plus £5. Other benefits include a weekly prize draw, 10% top-up bonuses, Facebook specials (so Like the mFortune page right away!) and event promotions.
mFortune CasinoPlay mFortune Casino on your Mobile!


The game itself, Sexy Poker by mFortune, looks a bit saucy in its dark purple and blues, highlighted with warm glows. You have your bet control buttons along the bottom. Your cards appear above the buttons, small relative to the whole screen.

You guessed it: most of your game window is occupied by the panel showing sexy models and the winning hands chart. At the very top you see your banking details and settings. This is not really a poker-lover’s game, obviously.

But Sexy Poker may be fun if you’re after a little diversion. Perhaps your day needs a little pluck — or maybe you’re curious about something you’ve heard others talk about and you want to be in-the-know about it. Whatever your reasons, this mobile title comes from one of the biggest names in mobile casino gaming, not some raunchy online porn shop, so it’s harmless enough. It may even give you a giggle and a blush.

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