Security Tips

Well, when it comes to securing our smart phones, since they are pretty much little online computers in our hands, anyone has to envy Apple iOS users (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). That’s because Apple’s ingenious gadgets are all fairly safe from malware, viruses and spyware attacks.

The reason for this huge advantage — which is the reason so many corporations prefer Apple for the sake of security alone — is part of the trade-off for the fact that Apple’s operating system is closed source. This is also related to the higher cost of Apple gear, so, in the end you are paying for better security, if you like.

Windows 8 casino apps, and Android, on the other hand, are open source, less expensive, yet vulnerable to all kinds of malicious online attacks and software maladies. At the very least, for example, when Android users download non-marketplace apps, they risk having their device configurations altered in obscure or annoying ways. This can interfere or impede playing your favourites like no deposit mobile casinos.

It can be such a problem that the following tip is circulating into common knowledge. You see, security on Android is not impossible; but it takes some attention, whereas iOS is just secure by default.

TOP TIP: For a proper download of your Android-ready casino app, first disable any of your non-marketplace apps.

Casino Security

The top areas for concern when playing online casinos are privacy and secure banking options. In many cases, if a site does offer you the most secure and private ways to fund your account then it’s probably a safe venue to play.

NOTE: Gambling licenses issued by Gibraltar carry specific requirements for the protection of your data, which keeps you safer.

However, the other overarching issue of privacy is at stake even at safe casinos. The reason we say that has to do with the protection of your private details or data. We may still have the naive tendency to imagine websites as everlasting, somehow. The reality is that fly-by-night or shady online-gambling companies can be raided, servers shut off, and websites dashed off the face of the Web.

If your data happened to be in that raided office, what happens to it? Or worse, what if your data is being sold to third party marketing firms prior to any raids? You may think it funny that we’re talking about ‘raids’, but keep in mind that even massive brands like PokerStars and Full Tilt have been busted for fraud and closed down.

Therefore, the best way to keep your credit card, name, address, phone number and so forth safe is to make sure those details are never stored on untrustworthy servers in the first place.

The bottom line is: Use an alternative payment method that shields your identity like Neteller, Ukash or Skrill. In closing, here’s a quick guide to these useful tools to get you started:

  • Neteller is a great all-around online payment tool that is offered by many great casinos. Some offer special bonuses. Its advantages are easy recharge with a variety of funding options. Your casino deposits will not be denied since you can easily keep your Neteller account funded instantly beforehand.
  • Ukash is ultra-convenient because you can buy the vouchers almost anywhere, even ATMs. Another benefit is easy cash-out for your casino winnings. Again, casinos sometimes give quiet bonuses for your Ukash transactions.
  • Skrill (also Moneybookers) is quite popular with international players, and is more an e-wallet than voucher like those above. Hence you can fund or withdraw your Skrill balance, in real time, so that your casino deposits always go through. Special bonuses also go to Skrill customers.