Royal Derby

Royal Derby by Microgaming is a fun little side-game that is inspired by going to the horse races. The fact that the game is so compact, simple and engaging makes it an excellent choice for your next mobile app find.

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Easy to Ride

It’s the kind of game you can just pick up and run with, so to speak. Choose your horse, bet on your intuition and then just watch the race play out. Yet you can, indeed, win big sums on the charmingly uncomplicated Royal Derby — make no mistake about that!

Even though it is a really simple game, there are a few nice touches that give it a bigger feeling. One such detail is the Replay button, which will maximize the entertainment value of Royal Derby for you as you commute with it in hand.

What You See

The graphics for this real cash side-game (normally featured by online casinos like those you’ll find on the list below) are quite realistic despite its micro-size screen compatibility. Royal Derby will work on smaller Blackberry screens as well as well-appointed touch-screen smartphones.

Okay, where to play Royal Derby, if it’s so irresistible? The nice thing is that since Microgaming is the provider, there is some degree of safety built into this wherever you find it licensed. Here are the sites we can recommend, but this is by no means an exhaustive list since Microgaming dominates the online casino marketplace.

Where to Play

Two great places to play are:

  1. Go Wild
  2. Wild Jack

But of course they’re by far the only places to choose from. Other sites include:

  • All Slots
  • Spin Palace
  • Platinum Play
  • Jackpot City
  • Redflush Casino
  • Royal Vegas

Royal Derby is a great example of the full range of ‘casino’ games available, although it’s hardly a casino-oriented title. Often, die hard players use such games as breathers, true, from long Poker, Blackjack or Roulette sessions. But that doesn’t mean Royal Derby and other super side games by Microgaming can’t also perform as stand-alone attractions — especially for mobile players.


Despite its diminutive scale, Royal Derby is rather robust, actually. The selection screen (with very humorous horse names!) is slick, with rotating gold coins appearing wherever you place a bet. You can adjust bet sizes right there. A shirt colour is displayed large so you can’t miss your rider(s).

The race screen is amazingly detailed and realistic as the scene flows past and horses with riders jockey to win. A gold coin hovers over each horse you have a stake on, so it’s easy to watch your results.

All in all, we can recommend Royal Derby to a variety of players. Mobile players, as we said, will really appreciate this game’s polish and economy, yet with so much detail you’ll forget it’s just a side-game.

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