Red Flush Mobile Casino has a ‘Mac Casino’ Along with a Flash Casino

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What’s a little wonky about Red Flush Mobile is that there is no mention of having games for Android, even though we know Microgaming is the source.

Microgaming makes games for both Apple and non-Apple people — so what gives?

If, on, you look at the uppermost buttons at the far right then you will see something else: a button for ‘MAC CASINO’. — So, it does appear Red Flush is actually, literally, going for the Apple audience primarily.

For Both High-Rollers and Low-Ballers

Interestingly, the niche at Red-Flush mobile casino is a mix of high-end Apple, both the iPhone and normal Mac computers, and then the low-end of run-of-the-mill feature phone games (in other words, non-touch screen’ed phones).

The three available promotions at Red Flush are standard faire, one with a 100% deposit bonus, however, there are a few other wonderfully-obvious things that they do like give away free smart phones! What better way to congratulate players, increase loyalty and enhance the mobile-casino fun than by just getting customers on better mobiles! Nice, one.

This site gives you a choice of three sign up bonuses (even one called the VIP level for £500 or more!).

When you sign up, in one case, there is also a nice gift of 50 free spins on the hot new Thunderstruck II slot (the Nordic-themed game that you must have played by now). You also get a mysterious ‘free welcome pack’ …

The Apple Connection

If you click MAC CASINO, basically what happens is a new browser window, in which a Web-driven game loads. This is so that no Mac user has to worry about a download of software. This special version of its online casino has been made for Macs because Apple famously (notoriously) does not allow Flash programming to run on its wares.

The Red Flush Mobile ‘enter’ button for its Mac casino displays the red ‘F’ logo of Flash, ironically. So we’re pretty sure that this whole specifically-Mac-Casino business is just the smart response of making a non-Flash game for Apple people to enjoy.

The Wider World of 500 Online Games

Red Flush is offering hundreds of online games, and one strength of the site is how it categorizes games:

  • Mac Casino games (browser based)
  • Instant Play or Flash Casino games (browser based)
  • Mobile Casino free apps to download (phone based)

A variety of delivery methods makes this casino useful to people who play their poker, blackjack and slots on a variety of devices like smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop machines — one of the above types of games offered will work on the gadget in your hands at the moment.

Lastly, other nice things about Red Flush include its clean website design, but also the premium content you find up there. Big-name games like Lord of the Rings and Tomb Raider mobile game.