The Pub Fruity Mobile Casino Game Is a Classic Winner

If you like to go retro with your slots — perhaps you fondly remember the old ‘fruit machines’ so common in neighbourhood pubs — then the Pub Fruity mobile game is right up your alley. You’ll find great bonus offers to try it from leading no deposit mobile casinos (you can pick one from this page, ensuring you get the best deal).

Pub-Fruity is a 3-reel slot machine with one pay line, making it a cinch to start playing and enjoying, especially after tossing down a few pints! (Don’t let that buxom barmaid to the right of the reels distract you, mate.)

Even though the original fruit-styled slot machines were surrounded by all the pungent flavour and atmosphere of your local pub, Pub Fruity for phones has the personality to send you straight into that same feeling. There are bonus rounds like its ‘drinks trail’ contest that wraps around the bottom of the play area, lighting up according to your luck. The Pub Fruity mobile game also has a special darts screen that opens up like a back room whenever you hit three dart symbols, and once inside, you can win free spins or even a sh0t at the jackpot.

The graphics for this mobile slots standard are simple fruit icons, with added bells, bars and the scatter symbol (the namesake logo). Although this game is from a bygone era of online gaming, its clunky sounds and old-school design appeal really come alive as an android casino app or as part of the normally vast of new iphone casino sites too.

The Pub Fruity mobile game is timeless, so you won’t see it going out of fashion any time soon — in fact, we expect to see it in ‘hall of fame’-type sections of no deposit casino sites for a long time, indeed.

FYI: Although this three-reeler is very basic (which is part of its genius) it does offer you the flexibility to either stick to a budget or be a hot-shot: you can bet from £0.10 to £10- per spin playing Pub Fruity for phones wherever you are during a busy day.

You will win up to £5000 if you hit the jackpot (note: you must wager the full £10 to qualify for that kind of cash, so monitor your luck wisely!). But even without a massive payout, you will have all sorts of fun flirting with the app, such scoring free spins that have guaranteed wins.

This game can transform any bus or tube ride into the ol’ pub you love (many of us tend to use it to loosen up on our way to the pub, anyway!). A Pub Fruity mobile game will become a comforting part of your daily routine in no time. Give it spin now.

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