Progressive Jackpot Slots

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Triggering a progressive jackpot can be the equivalent to winning the lottery, with some fortunate souls winning multimillion-pound sums. For more details on playing progressive jackpot slots online, check out this informative guide.

Best Casinos for Progressive Jackpots

Progressive slot jackpots are not guaranteed to be plentiful at any casino, which is why it helps to be pointed in the right direction to one of the following sites.

Rizk Casino

Find plenty of extra gaming time by joining Rizk Casino for a £100 bonus and 50 free spins. You can then play a wide variety of progressive jackpot slots from top developers.


The beauty of mFortune’s progressive jackpots is that they are exclusive to the casino. Sign up now and claim £5 free plus a 100% match bonus up to £100.

Moobile Games

Joining up with Moobile Games could entitle you to £545 worth of bonus funds. This will come in handy for exploring the many outstanding slots that are found there.

Lucky Admiral

The 10 free spins on Fish & Chips at Lucky Admiral will be a fine introduction, but you can also have 60 more spins and £600 if you unlock the full welcome package.

What is a Progressive Jackpot?

These can also be termed as a jackpot meter, which is designed to increase by drawing a portion of every real money bet that is staked on a slot or collection of slots. The jackpot meter shall continue to rise until a player eventually wins the lot.

Standalone vs. Networked

A progressive jackpot can be standalone whenever it’s unique to a specific slot game or casino, whereas other times it can be networked across multiple slot games or online casino sites.

Playing for Progressives

All too often, progressive slots are designed so that placing the max bet will improve the chances of winning random pots. Meanwhile, there are some slots where you have to stake the max bet and also combine five specific symbols on a payline to win.

How Do They Compare to Fixed and Sliding Jackpots?

These terms aren’t widely used by casino sites, but are still important to understand in case you ever encounter them.

Fixed Jackpots

A fixed jackpot is designed to deliver a specific amount of winnings, whether it be a monetary value, multiplier, or set number of coins. The technical approach will not vary and shall be the same for every time the slot is played.

Sliding Jackpots

These are more common in online bingo, with players challenged to reach a target as quickly as possible. Sliding jackpots begin with huge values in order to draw in players, but rapidly drop and end up being won for a fraction of their initial value. Progressive jackpots are much fairer by comparison because player contributions to the pots will not just disappear.

Can I Play for Free?

Here, the safe answer has to be no. After performing numerous reviews and playing countless progressive slots, hasn’t encountered mainstream progressive slots that allow you to play with bonus funds or free spins. There are some slots that are accessible in demo mode, but without any access to the progressive jackpot.

Does Bet Size Matter?

In most cases, this has to be a yes. Quite a lot of progressive slots will outright state that you have to wager the maximum to be eligible, while others will subtly imply that your odds of triggering a random jackpot will be improved through playing at higher stakes.

We have to advise that you always read the terms and conditions to understand how a particular jackpot will work. You might even find that the pot assigns a minimum qualifying bet rather than a maximum target.

When Does the Jackpot Drop?

Any respectable casino site will not drop the values of their progressive jackpots. This is a strategy reserved for sliding jackpots at bingo sites, but not usually with online casinos. If you’re talking about “drop” in regard to winning, then there are some main ways in which this can happen:

  • Combine specific symbols on an exact payline or paylines
  • Trigger a bonus game before playing a side game for the jackpot
  • The jackpot or bonus game can be awarded entirely at random

Progressive Jackpots Types

These jackpots commonly appear as several types that are outlined below for your convenience:

  • Wide area: These are the elite progressive slots where there is a colossal jackpot connected across a wide area of casinos. Wide area jackpots aren’t shared across multiple slots.
  • Standalone: A standalone jackpot is a mechanism reserved for individual slot games. They are not that common to find, but you might just encounter them on smaller casino networks where being linked is not a major selling point.
  • Linked: Playtech casinos would be an example of where progressive jackpots are frequently linked across the various sites. Just look at the Age of Gods slots or DC slots as prime examples of linked progressive jackpots.
  • Proprietary/in-house jackpots: Intouch casinos are an example of where there is a single progressive jackpot made available over multiple games. What makes the jackpot proprietary is that Intouch is responsible for running these jackpots at its very own casinos.
  • Random: There isn’t a direct outcome where you can clearly unlock the jackpot. All you can do is wager in the hope that the jackpot or jackpot game will eventually be triggered at random.

Our Favourite Progressive Jackpot Slots

After delivering all of that helpful information, now is the right time to share some of our favourite progressive slots ever to be released.

Mega Moolah (Rizk)

Head off to the African plains and play for a multimillion-pound jackpot. Raise your bet to improve the chances of randomly reaching the Jackpot Wheel bonus game.

Vegas Vegas (mFortune)

Vegas Vegas is exclusive to mFortune and will present a jackpot that can be worth hundreds of thousands. On the side, you can also play for the rewarding mini game.

Winning a progressive jackpot is arguably the most difficult goal in casino gaming, but it’ has changed the lives of those who achieved the feat.

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