Why the PokerStars Mobile App is Worth Downloading and Playing

We thought to take a different tip this time, by assuming you’re already pretty familiar with PokerStars, either on your computer or mobile. What we will do is take closer looks at some finer points in this fine system. The result will be a few very good reasons indeed to take PokerStars seriously.

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Our overall impression of the PokerStars website? It’s tastefully low-key with an elegant, dark-toned colour palette. The polish and sophistocation of this gaming provider is rather obvious as soon as you begin looking around or registering.

This is the company that just made an agreement with the US government to take over its rival, Full Tilt, and so scored a pole position in online gambling’s legalization in many parts of the USA.

Without further ado, let’s dive into some finer points about playing at PokerStars, which should save you some time in the near future, while highlighting the graces of this major online-poker source.

Your Avatar

If you’ve been searching around in the PokerStars-mobile app to find a way of uploading a new or first picture of yourself … yes, you can do it, but you must do it using your computer. Keep in mind that it’s necessary for PS to moderate new photos, so that its playing environment stays high-class — you’ll have to wait up to five days.

Computer vs Mobile Device

In a nutshell, PokersStars is the same whether you play online or with your phone or tablet: you play the same Hold’em and Omaha games. The main differences in the mobile app are that:

  • there is no cashier
  • the Home Games feature is absent
  • you cannot call up a chat moderator
  • you canot jot something down with player notes

You are, however, potentially playing a huge number of poker stars because the online-computer and online-mobile players are pooled together, all having the same rights and standing. If you like poker and are on facebook, this could be the game for you.

Search? Huh?!

The mobile app has a search field that you may have been wondering about. What does it search, exactly? Well, if you’re one of those clever players who notes or memorizes tournament numbers then you can dart straight to them using this search. Or, if you’re looking for fellow players, that’s the direct tool to find them at whatever tables are striking their fancies.

How Does ‘Play Now’ Work?

The prospect of getting lumped in with some weirdos or card sharks may not sound too good if you were considering a kind of instant or random play function, which is what ‘Play Now’ sounds like. Take a look at some excellent slot games here.

It does take you straight into play. But, you’re not just thrown in, friends! You will be found a table just like the last one you sat at, according to your own table-selection filters.

TIP: Don’t forget that you can review your last hands by clicking the Previous button!

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