Pocket Fruity

PocketFruity is a slots website with a really catchy name and a straightforward buffet of zippy mobile fruit machines. You can give them a whirl right from your phone, which is very wild, isn’t it? A lively slot machine in your hand, or on your tablet, without all the casino hype and hassles!

The promotions on offer here are a very standard set of benefits, which should satisfy most value-hunters but won’t wow anyone:

  • 50 free spins, no deposit required
  • 100% first deposit match bonus
  • VIP invitation to active players

There are exactly eight games at PocketFruity, and we’ll run through them briefly now:

  • Cash and Mouse: cartoony 3-reel/5-paylines
  • Grand Master Cash: DJ theme, 3-reel/5-paylines, 9 rounds
  • Snake Charm: snakes! 3-reel/1-payline mobile simplicity
  • 777 Heaven: Vegas theme, 3-reel/1-payline
  • Lucky Charm: Irish theme, simple 3-reel slot
  • Spaced Out: space theme, 3 reels
  • *Cop the Cash: cops-robbers, 3 reels
  • *The Purse of Tutankhamun

Despite its simplicity PocketFruity does have a few things up its sleeve. One of them is the fact that the last two on the list of games above (asterix’ed) must be unlocked as you continue to play on the site. This progressive, experience-based system is a very nice contrast to the otherwise simple approach to the games.

What’s common throughout, as a kind of hallmark? FRUIT, in a word. Most every game has fruity symbols on the reels no matter the surrounding theme. There’s something retro and fun about those symbols, and being placed on the screens of our high-tech phones and tablets makes it all the more interesting.


Play the BEST new slot machines for smartphones with 50 FREE spins!!

We have always admired the few online casinos that choose to stick to one thing, like slots or poker, and do that one thing exceedingly well. This usually brings us a much more developed experience of whatever game it is we’re playing. In the case of PocketFruity, not only is it just slots, but furthermore it’s for people who really love classic pub ‘fruit machines’.

The greatness of this site is its simplicity — although on the other hand you may outgrow it at some point, compared to more robust destinations like AllSlots. But we think PocketFruity has their finger on something valuable by catering to the people who want a very simple, 3-reel, colourful (easy to see) slot game — that simplicity fits with the ‘mobile’ settings in which we will play.

So kudos to PocketFruity for correctly identifying players who love a big fat slot on their phones. If that’s what you were picturing, then sign up and start swiping and spinning. The apps accommodate Android, Apple and Windows Phone users.

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