Playtika’s Slotomania Has the Most Addictive Slots Out There

Online slots are going way farther than any physical slot machine could, maybe aside from a video model (but even that lags behind the current slot games for Facebook and smart phones).

You’ve been a slots person for some time now. Your favourite Mobile casino apps are pretty good. . . . But, have you ever reached a point when you have wondered what the ultimate-best game may be? We mean, the very best in class, at this point in time.

It turns out, with a recent bit of news about something called Slotomania created in Israel, that the answer to the question of what may be considered the most popular and most successful online slot machine has become clearer.

A company called Playtika has infused a level of addictiveness into its Slotomania game that is unheard of.  Here is a summary of how its approach is different:

  • It has a social engine for Facebook and other networks
  • New games are introduced fast so each session is new
  • The game logic adjusts to ‘experience’ for smarter effects
  • Players progress through levels that unlock new games
  • Credits can be shared with fellow players/friends
  • It works right inside Facebook!

All told, this game is simply captivating. The graphics are super stand-out —  the kind you can’t take your eyes off. The overall quality of Slotomania is actually so high, Playtika was just bought by the parent company of the Caesars Casino online flagship. The purchased technology is presumably going into Caesars’ own impressive line-up of the highest-quality slots, already some of the best available.

Your experience playing this tiered slots game is definitely enhanced by its ‘social’ quality — and this goes much deeper than the standard chats with mobile slots sites or even online casinos that allow you to create a profile and picture. Slotomania is available on Facebook, the global giant, as well as on a few regional social networks.

That means that all of Facebook’s goodies are there to use, liking sharing and giving gifts with its virtual currency. Those tools combined with slots make for an interesting new thrill. These games have become much more complex; the Sloto Mania crew has dreamed up designs where the action is freed from  the reels altogether (using visual perspective and animated graphics instead of relying on the look of mechanical slot machines, in other words).

At the same time, Playtika’s Mobile Casino application offers the simplicity that allows any player to get on and start spinning in seconds because everything is so clear and easy to understand. Enjoy!