Play Poker on your Android

Keep what you win!!The new ability to enjoy mobile gaming on smart phones is sinking in for everyone. The actual ‘hands’ and stakes of each of the top phone players (Apple, Google Android, Blackberry) are becoming visible now, with respect to how they will fare during these early days of mobile technologies.

Although iPhone is the current leader, Apple won’t make it easy for real-stakes gambling such as iPhone poker to grow, or even get a start. On the other hand, you can play poker with your Android phone and win real cash today. The word is that all the major online casinos are avoiding poker apps for iPhone in favor of launching ways for you to play poker with your Android phone. The reason has to do with technical details, like the way Android supports Flash (that’s a program that ensures reliable user registration and security for your payment data).

The lack of development on the iPhone platform (we’re talking about real-stakes poker), next to the energetic gaming development on Android poker, and the predictions that Google’s Android will grow bigger than iPhone in a couple of years – all this points to Android as the winner overall, even though Apple has been winning the open hands.

So, how do poker apps for Android look and play?

Some of the Android poker applicatinos are, in a word, wicked. The best way to select a poker game on Android that suits you is to visit the top online casinos and sample the Android app each has developed – generally poker apps on Android are free downloads.

Some of the leaders of the market in Android poker are: Rush Poker Mobile (by Full Tilt Poker), Zynga Poker, m:Poker Live, Live Poker’s Texas Hold’em, the Appeak Poker Beta, Live Hold’em, and, the humble Texas Hold’em (which is one of the least graphically fancy, for those poker purists out there).

Well, Apple’s rule against gambling seems to be snubbing everyone who may want to enjoy an exciting bet once in a while, let alone the growing number of online gamers who play and win real cash. Meanwhile, the Android poker world continues to spread outward from strong hold on devises by mega-brands like Nexus, Samsung, Motorola. The Android gaming world is instead saying to you, play poker with your Android! It seems clear enough that the Android system will be the strongest mobile space when it comes to online poker.


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