5 Golden Reasons to Play More Mobile-Casino

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We’re probably justified to assume that you already play Poker games online, or even a mobile app like slots occasionally — so, what we’re after now is not what you play, but how you play.

Cutting to the chase: If you never enjoy your favourite games on a mobile device even more than you may do already, then you are missing out. And if you haven’t ventured away from your laptop or desktop to play yet, well, a whole new casino experience awaits!

First, a few facts give us some food for thought:

  • Android phones’ users now outnumber iPhone’s users.
  • It’s official: in 2012 desktop-computer production is lagging.
  • A massive influx of new users is entering via the mobile Web.
  • Mobile computing was always the ‘end game’!

A Tale of Two Webs

There are two World Wide Webs now. Hadn’t you noticed? There’s the normal Web, with pages formatted for larger screens. And, there’s the mobile-Web (you have seen an ‘m.-’ before URLs you hit these days, surely!), which is designed for people using smaller screens on phones and tablets. If you enjoy real cash Poker, click here!!

The second one, although built upon the main Internet, is fast becoming the norm for casual and entertainment-oriented purposes. In fact, for most people in non-Western countries, mobile is The Web.

Having said all that, let’s talk about why mobile is worth our while. The first two points below are the most profound.

1. Mobile devices are cheaper.

Aside from the fanciest new iPad packing 4G and 36 gigs of storage, which is as expensive as many solid laptops, there are mobile devices to fit any budget. And in developing economies like India, tablets are being offered for under $100, let alone countless Asian knock-off products at cut rates.

We have to understand that besides the new features and capabilities of mobile technology, there is a socio-economic trend favouring less expensive consumer electronics, a kind of people’s movement in favour of access.

That social change is great for mobile gaming! In fact, most new users will get the hang of the Internet via social networks and online games. Take a look at some great mobile casino bonuses.

2. Playing when ‘on the go’ or in private is usually the best time, anyway.

Okay now, if we’re honest then we can see how times during our days that are best for a quick game of Poker, or a bingo card, or pulling some slots, are not the times we’re sitting in front of a computer. If we’re at work, then we’re not supposed to be anywhere near the casino! If we’re cooking dinner and the kids are doing homework, then that’s not the best time, either.

Chances are, no matter what roles we have, that when we are ‘between times’ these are the best moments for fun and games. That’s true even if we’re talking about private time at home after the commute. Mobile devices are just more likely to be in hand when we actually have time to play.

3. A mobile device is a better game controller.

They fit so nicely in our hand, it’s a no-brainer! The newest Android version adds TV connections to the many mobile sensors built-in (like tilt and accelerometer). Basically, that’s a game console in our pocket, not a phone! Check out the top 3 Facebook poker games.

4. Mobile casinos offer exclusive bonuses.

At least in these early days, mobile users are the darlings of online casinos — so get spoiled, while you can!

5. One day (soon), we will have forgotten desktops and laptops.

Maybe that seems like an extreme statement. But as time goes on, and our children can’t remember a world without the Web (or never knew one), we’ll understand that holding the Web in our hands all the time is history-in-the-making. All told, ‘computers’ will probably end up remaining in the offices of professionals.

Probably everyone will be surprised during the coming years just how useful e-games in general will prove for kids, students and the under-privileged — not just bingo lovers and online Poker hawks like us!

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