Play Casino with your Motorola

Guess who owns Motorola’s phone and tablet division. … Google! Google, the originator of the Android system, is now in control of Motorola, one of the world’s top designers of smart communication gadgets.

Uniqueness Among Copy-Cats

We have always admired the designs this company has brought out. Back before touch screens had taken off and come down in price as they have today, the Motorola Razr seemed to be on everyone’s ear, and lips. It seemed ubiquitous. Now, the latest Razr is an Android smart-phone.

There is something rather different about the shapes and build quality and materials of Motorola products — similar in essence to the high quality obvious whenever you pick up an Apple product. They’re beefy, tough-feeling and very slick, all in their own way.


Now, Google’s interests will surely reflect now in Motorola’s moves, although so far the new parent company has had to do some efficiency cuts, restructurings, and evasive maneuvers as certain Motorola tablets were ordered off the market by Apple’s lawsuits. (Apple is attacking Android, really Google, by going after phone-makers who employ Android, which it believes infringes its patents.)

Anyway, due to these ties to Android itself and because of Motorola’s reputation for bomb-proof designs, the latest models like the Defy and Backflip are poised to become known as superior gaming devises. A smartphone like the Defy can fully exhibit all the features and speed of the most current mobile casino apps, for example.

Playing online poker or slots, like the new Spring Break slot game, really requires the fastest, zippiest phone or tablet available, simply because your game controller (in this case a phone) becomes part of your gamer’s intelligence. That means your phone can help you win!

How to Play

How do you actually get set up to play on a Motorola? Maybe you are considering buying one, and you are wondering how much effort it will take to download whatever you need to starting winning.

How do you actually get set up to play on a Sony Ericsson? Find out here.

Since you’re dealing with Android, you simply follow the big bright links on any mobile casino that say ‘mobile’ and then click on ‘Android’. That’s it — Motorola is part of the industry standards that have made Android (and its entire developers’ atmosphere) the best mobile gaming and online casino system available today.

Otherwise, the only exceptions you will have to learn for Motorola are its unique ergonomics and button-placement on the hand set, and so on. The system buttons along the bottom of an Android phone are always standard:

  • Menu
  • Home
  • Back
  • Search (optional)

Everything else is driven through the touch screen (including number pad). Of course, buttons and screen taps are not the only ways to control your mobile games; top-tier Motorola phones supply you with the sensors needed to control your game by hand motions as well.

Motorola, like HTC, is close to Google, and therefore closest to Android, which means we may look to Motorola for the choicest gadgets to play mobile casinos.

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