Play Casino with Your Nokia

If you want to play casino apps on your Nokia 2G mobile or a smartphone then it won’t be as simple as with Apple or Android devices. But you will certainly play nonetheless, especially after reading a few things about the matter now.

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Operating Systems

This relative complication has nothing to do with Nokia’s phones, but rather the software Nokia uses to run them. The older Nokia models actually pose no impediments to downloading games. It’s the Symbian models (that is, with Nokia’s proprietary Symbian touch operating system, as opposed to iOS, Android or Windows Phone) that are not supported by many casinos.

Nokia Casino, No Problem

Basically, for the simpler, older Nokia phones there is really no problem at all running free casino games — you simply choose the ‘Java’ options at the online casino download page instead of Android or Apple apps.

If you have a Symbian Nokia phone then you will have to be happy with what you find through Nokia’s own apps network (not likely to be trustworthy online casino-type games, unfortunately, but still fun).

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The Mobile Windows Era

The good news is that Nokia is in transition, retiring Symbian and switching to Windows 8 instead of Android. In fact, this comes at a time when Microsoft is launching this first competitive entry into the smartphone software market. The two companies seem to be leveraging each other — with the new Nokia Lumia becoming a de facto flagship for Windows 8 as well.

Many top online casinos already support Windows and many many more will, not to worry. We expect the big houses like Microgaming to begin making Windows versions of their apps available, just as soon as a few more companies like Nokia adopt it.

Samsung reportedly is aiming to offer phones running a few of the major systems including Windows 8 (which stands to reason given all its woes battling Apple in various far-flung courts over Android models).

Truth be told, Windows is positioned to swing around from the rear to give Android and Apple a good run as those two leaders fight. Similarly, Nokia has had some trouble entering the smartphone market with its usual panache and independence but now it is springboarding off Microsoft’s fresh new system.

For Now, Take Java

Many online casinos such as AllSlots offer Java downloads alongside the main apps. Others such as mFortune allow you to choose your phone’s make/model in order to reach the right app and then download it.

We expect to begin seeing tabs for ‘Nokia Lumia’ or ‘Windows’ by name on more online casinos’ download pages as more players go for the middle way with their latest phone purchases and upgrades.

So, the bottom lines are:

  • Play slots on 2G Nokia phone by choosing ‘Java’
  • Look for casino-like games through the Symbian store
  • Buy the new Lumia and look out for new Windows apps!

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