PaySafeCard Is a Sure-Fire Way to Play it Safe in Mobile Casinos

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Right away, there is one very important thing to keep in mind about Paysafecard and what sets it apart from other alternatives: you must buy your card in the amount you choose in person. It is not handled through bank accounts or on the Web. If you make this one easy concession, then you get totally safe mobile casino entertainment. We think that’s a pretty good bargain!

TIP: Download the Paysafecard store-finder mobile app! With this you can check your balance, find outlets and stores, as well as participate in promotions and contests.

Getting Started

Here’s the 1-2-3 of how PaySafeCard works:

  1. go to a convenience store and buy your Paysafecard paper voucher (£10, £25, £50, £75)
  2. keep that 16-digit card in a safe place!
  3. use the number as you would a credit card at online casinos

Okay, there is one tiny snag: the online casino must accept the PaySafeCard. Fortunately for us, most of them do! If you find an iffy online-poker joint, let’s say, and one which does not accept such alternate payments (only credit cards) then beware!

But if you want a site that is vouched-safe then stick to online casinos that have been approved by PayPal (with its strict checks) as well as PaySafeCard. Some may even feel encouraged to try more online content, since there is relatively little to lose (the balance on your Paysafecard only) — meanwhile, your entire online identity and bank accounts stay absolutely safe.

Why Choose this Prepaid Card?

Other than buying them in person and choosing casinos that accept them, PaySafeCard is as easy to use as can be — it is just like cash. This anonymity is what keeps you absolutely safe online.

Paysafecard also is a perfect way to separate your fun-money from your life-savings or rent funds, and so forth. This way, if your account is stolen or abused by a fraudulent site you can simply report it, and it’s no big whoop because your real bank accounts are untouched. The cards’ denominations are small enough (up to £75) that losing one or making the mistake of dealing with a crooked site will not cause too much financial pain.

We thought we would save you the time of reading the PaySafeCard website — but do cruise through it, occasionally, because bulletins about the service are posted there.

TIP: You can check your balance live at as well as using the mobile app.

Right now, for example, there is a published update in the Security section urging us to stay clear of some ‘ransomware’ going around that demands fines paid with PaySafeCard (as if this was the legitimate payment gateway). These bulletins about this financial tool are always helpful.

What to Expect

What do you think is the most exciting part of the Paysafecard website? You’re probably just dying to know. Well, we think there are two: the Promotions page and the page at Pay > Sportsbetting, Bingo, Poker. These are the places to find deals and where  to play online safely.

Right now there are five promotion highlights with their winners — little contests like the Euro 2012 PaySafeCard competition or an Easter Egg Hunt. The Games page has an A-Z list that includes these highly-recommended destinations:

By the way, there’s really no physical ‘card’. Your PaySafeCard is the 16-digit number issued to you at a retailer. printed on a paper stub. There’s no physical newsletter, either – instead, it comes to your email inbox after you sign up (and we would recommend that you do, for the specials that will come to you that way).

Anyway, that’s about it. Simple. PaySafeCard is good. Get one today while you are out and about. Then, you will have that ace in your pocket at all times, so you never get scammed or robbed online — maybe just robbed blind playing Poker with your mobile buddies!

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