Will the Operating-System Wars Affect Our Mobile Casino Access?

Haven’t you heard there’s a war on?

It’s a war over something non-physical, yet it’s something many of us look at every day. Being in the early days of mobile computing, this row is over the operating system or simply ‘OS’ inside your smartphone and tablet.

Rather than go into the techie or business-world details we’re going to briefly talk through the possibility that this mayhem could interfere with our mobile casino gaming.

The danger is that there could be a situation in which we may be blocked from a great casino app simply because it isn’t offered for the system on our particular phones.

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Too Many Operating Systems

Game developers usually can’t afford to make versions in all the operating systems, which are currently at war over patent infringements.

Apple, Motorola, Microsoft, Samsung, Yahoo, Facebook and even Google have been facing problems either by infringing their competitors’ patents or by pursuing royalty payments, let alone lawsuits.

Going to court is usually motivated by seeking draconian measures levied on rival brands.

It used to be that if you wanted the best then you simply bought an iPhone or an iPad. On the sidelines there was a growing community using Google’s open-source mobile OS, Android, now a household name, or Nokia’s Symbian or BlackBerry’s OS. Now Android Ice Cream Sandwich gaming has grown bigger than the mighty iOS by Apple

The Quality of Non-Apple Options Has Caught Up

The near horizon also holds the approach of a new giant: Microsoft’s Windows 8, which can run seamlessly on tablets and PCs, as well as the company’s first hardware product, the slick new Surface tablet-PC.

So as we said, the dangers all this market-confusion poses to mobile-bingo fans and online Poker players, for instance, includes inaccessible games unless you use iOS or the latest version of Android. Another pain we might encounter might be that the phone or mobile-OS we’re using happily to play at Web casinos is suddenly ordered to be taken off the market, in which case game makers stop writing apps for it or updating existing games. Check out our top choice phone for mobile gaming.

The Big Picture

But really the worst and most probable pitfall we could fall into if the OS wars do interfere with our phone-casino pleasures, is simply a slowing of creativity as corporate powers try to barr outside development when it deems that its competitors are copying designs or online processes.

We would prefer it if the big companies that have given us such wonderful toys and games would stop bickering, on behalf of the end users.