Can we Play Online Casinos with our Android Tablets too?

In May 2013 Android-powered tablet sales overtook (if you include the Kindle Fire) iPads. But it will take time before that trend is reflected in tablet-optimised online casinos. So where should you play?

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When you’re checking out a hot new mobile casino site and you’re looking at its basic selections of apps, like buttons for ‘iPhone’ versus ‘Android’, tablet-compatibility is something that is often conspicuously missing. But does that mean it’s time to bin your Playbook? Not necessarily…

Hole in the Current Smartphone App Skyline

The thing is, that most game vendors provide apps for each Apple product, from iPod Touch to the iPad. On the other hand, we only see ‘Android’, without mention specifically of tablets running Android. The larger screen size and faster hardware are factors that deserve their own consideration, just as they receive for Apple’s gear.

The news in the wind of Google’s dedicated tab OS “Honeycomb” has optimized Android performance on tablets. Surely now we shall see casinos giving the option of ‘Android tablet casino apps’ or ‘Honeycomb’ along with all the rest. That is, they will after there are more games written for Android-tablet users.

One Day, Everyone Will Have a Tablet

It may be that touch-screen tablets (in many new sizes and shapes) will become a standard possession, starting with students. The gaming potential of these devices will always have its own following. And it could become shockingly large, judging by the success of apps for smart phones.

That means that now would be a great time to begin developing a plan for a world in which tablets with Android, let alone tablets with a Microsoft OS, are as common as iPads seem to us now.

There are signs that this ‘tablet’ concept is gaining traction all over the globe, such as in India. In India a second-generation Android tablet-computer has been designed by the government for mass distribution, especially to students and to the country’s elite colleges. And at less than $50, these types of devices could bring the technology within reach of a much larger number of people worldwide.

The Third World Leads the Way into the Future

Even in the ‘first world’, the march of technological trends is there, unstoppable. And Western societies are heading toward popularized uses for ‘wearable computers’, in size somewhere between a smart phone and a laptop screen, that ‘augment’ our plain-sight view of the world. In less developed countries most people use the Web on mobile devices.

So from this standpoint — not merely in the interest of increased Android-game production and consumer selection — we might actually feel a bit of historic impatience to experience this new frontier waiting in ‘The Cloud’, or the public ‘cyberspace’ of the Web, generally speaking.

Games Will Rule

Truth is, a common feature of all societies is the love of sport and games. There are current social indications that the act of playing a game will also serve as an effective template for many other kinds of social and personal behaviour.

The experience of gaming, as silly as it sounds, may just lead humanity towards solving its numerous dilemmas. And tablet computers may just represent the dawn of an era of living very casually with more and more touch-screens that give access to humanity’s first global network, the Internet.

Maybe that’s just sinking in now, for most of us.

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