Online Casinos for Californians

Californians who love to play online Poker are no doubt very encouraged by their state’s governor, who has entered 2013 by submitting a bill to allow limited Web-based gambling. This news is circulating wildly amongst online-casino bloggers who track the various legal scenes surrounding their games.

Happening in the Vicinity

Interestingly, Nevada, the US’ leader in real-cash online gaming, is simultaneously passing new laws giving its casino operators the capacity to provide services to Californians in the future. Nevada sees the tides turning in its massively populated neighbour. Many parties and interests are very eager for developments in the trend-setting state of California — as big as many countries in the world.

Meanwhile, New Jersey very recently began the process of approving some online casino gaming. There is a race heating up in America for virtual turf in an emerging cyber-gambling culture. Of course, the states with existing land-based casino industries have the upper hand.

Casinos Chomping at the Bits

Casino operators in the warmer states, brands like Caesars, 888 and bwin.Party (not to be confused with PlazaWin – which is a FRAUD SITE. Don’t play at PlazaWin), are already on the scene with secure, tested online gaming solutions. There are many unknowns and many missing pieces in this current surge of legalization in the US, however, the world’s top online casinos are paying attention to finding ways to create inroads, through early brand recognition and building player loyalty. To do this, they must wait alertly for both legal developments, and, the more practical side involving payment methods for gambling.

Brick and mortar casinos like Colusa are also developing mobile apps that their customers can play while on site. Its app developer announced two new games in March 2013 – Mobile Millions and Slottery.

Issues Remain

The problem for residents of Californian and other US citizens, even in states where online poker or other games like bingo and roulette have been allowed, is how to get money into one’s casino account. Federal law does not permit any credit card to handle funds used to gamble online. Financial tools like PayPal, although allowed to serve gamblers in other countries like the UK, must wait for the Federal laws in the US to change, and that can take time.

As a result, the momentum of states legalizing online Poker at the very least, as Californians have now done, will be faster than any action in Washington affecting the entire country.

The New Proposition

California’s casinos must now convert from brick-and-mortar logic to the new paradigm of handling Web-based players. We’re predicting that in most cases, a casino will opt to do both. This may provide a neat way around the Federal law problem. When players visit the physical establishments they can be offered ways to deposit funds for use as mobile or online players after leaving the premises. They must reside in California, of course.

So, we’ll see how California’s new pro-gambling bill will fare in the US Senate. The results will be significant for both sides of this hot issue, where a momentum toward nation-wide legalization is at stake, after all.