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To fully understand and appreciate the rise of no download online and mobile casino games and to compare casinos that offer them, you should get up to speed about the current status of the Web itself. The reason that the WWW allows us to play games across it has to do with its own structure, code, or language. Currently, it is called HTML5, the fifth official form of the Web’s underlying programming language. The worldwide cooperative update to webpages’ code has been happening for about a year.

Online and mobile casinos were some of the first forms of online content to get updated to html5. You’re probably wondering what changed and whether it was noticeable. A lot changed and it was very noticeable — in fact, this fourth massive update was historic for two main reasons:

  • HTML5 absorbs all previous multimedia plugins like Flash (RIP) and others from questionable sources. All multimedia, including games and video, can be piped to us directly inside the Internet browser (whether desktop or mobile). HTML5 doesn’t need any outside help anymore, thank you very much.
  • HTML5 is geared from the inside out to enable mobile Web browsers equal rights out there in the flow of Internet traffic, and access to the same content as desktops can see — all without extra plugins or apps.

Advantages of No Download Games

HTML5 solved an awful lot of problems for Web designers as well as game makers. There are many good reasons that all the top casino software companies have updated to HTML5-based game titles for their own sake and for improved user experiences. Having to download an app or change settings to one’s smartphone or tablet in order to start playing is an obstacle, a problem really, that casinos have sought to correct by using HTML5.

From our perspective as players, this new technology makes things easier, and that’s the bottom line. The problems for players who are forced to download and install gambling apps is that these are not always available through official channels such as the Google Play Store for Android devices, and the Apple’s App Store for its devices.

That means we have to enable ‘non-marketplace’ app sources in the system settings of a smartphone or tablet — which in turn puts all the responsibility for choosing a reliable, legitimate casino app to use for real cash betting on ourselves.

Fortunately, HTML5 makes playing games on a mobile device, in the Web browser application, just as easy as playing online games using desktop browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox — they, too, are benefiting in being liberated from plugins. This in turn is contributing to the trend of casinos that can now hand-pick game titles from many game makers instead of just one line of games that worked in an app format.

Disadvantages of Browser-based Games

The only down sides of Web-browser powered casino games is that you have more responsibility for selecting a trustworthy site to join — that’s where trusting a good guide site like this is vital. Some players might worry that the speed of an HTML based game might be slower than an app. But the official documentation assures us this will not be so.

Another concern, as always, would be the security of a website versus an app; this too is not a technical problem at all. In fact, playing at a mobile casino no download required is a more direct link to your chosen membership than an app. Furthermore, casinos can offer things like multiplayer poker to online players who all get the benefits of a uniform game.

How Not to Download

If we have cleared all your doubts and concerns about non-downloaded casino games for mobile devices then it’s time to think about how to start playing this way. Fortunately, ditching the old way of installing a native app on your device is easy — casinos that have adopted HTML5 compatible game systems make a big deal about the benefits to prospective players.

The new breed of no deposit no download mobile casino represents the state of the art for this kind of entertainment. Obviously, if you are considering a casino that mentions compatibility with either Android or Apple devices then an app is involved — you can keep looking. Just look for the phrase ‘no download required’, which is popping up at more and more mobile casinos.

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