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If you own a Nexus, you’re one smart cookie. If you are considering buying one to play casino apps and games then you’re a genius! Google’s Nexus flagship phone (we’ll explain why we say that) turns out to be a superb mobile gaming console.

First, let’s take quick peeks at some exciting mobile casinos that are very Nexus-friendly. That is so because this particular phone is the very latest and best example of Google’s Android operating system in the world. That’s how Google wanted it.

Real Money Nexus Casinos


In the spectrum of mobile casinos depending upon complexity and features, PocketWin falls on the simpler side by design. You can start playing in a minute, literally. Once you’re a member, you can use pay-by-phone or PayPal services to top up.

Best of all for us, PocketWin’s keep-what-you-win policy for its £5 bonus and up to £100 in matching deposit cash. That means there is no red tape; if you win, you take home your win right away. [Full Review]


In our spectrum from above, mFortune falls in the middle, with more titles than PocketWin, and live multi-hand Hold ‘Em, all made in-house. mFortune is the original mobile expert, long serving Android and Nexus users.

The welcome bonuses are identical to PocketWin (£5+ up to £100 matching). Also, very fortunately, the same policy of not enforcing wagering requirements on players, or ‘keep-what-you-win’, will be found at mFortune. This is unique, folks. [Full Review]

Vera John

Vera and John Mobile Casino is most definitely at the other end of the spectrum compared to our other two. It boasts sophisticated access to 7 different game brands (not just titles!). This way, you get about seven casinos in one Nexus app.

Benefits are conservative, owing to such a high quality portfolio. VeraJohn gives a £5 freebie and then an on-going match bonus of 100%, usually up to £100. There are exclusive specials going out to individual players all the time — it could be you.

Nexus Phones and Mini Tablets

Next, let’s talk about Nexus. When it comes to the models, the numbering is the tip-off to the screen’s size. Therefore, the latest Nexus smartphone is called Nexus 5 (5” inch touch screen). By the same logic, the Nexus 7 is a 7-inch ‘phablet’ or phone-like tablet, something in-between.

NOTE: The main competitor for unusually sized Android devices is Samsung, with its mega popular Galaxy series, notably the Galaxy Note in the phablet category.

Either the 5” or 7” Nexus will serve your casino gaming with wicked performance. Both have quad-core processors and 2GB of RAM memory. The only differences are screen size and storage (16GB versus 32GB in the Nexus 7).

Top Nexus-friendly Casino Games

In closing, we really must quickly mention a few top apps to try on your Nexus hot-rod. These are games you can download the Google’s Play Store, so, they are not for real cash. One is called (perhaps unfortunately!) My Craps Game for Nexus 7.

Others to try are the stylish Black Casino and Roulette Royale — you will have to choose amongst a growing list of titles that scroll down the page! Have fun on your Nexus playing the world’s best online casino games.