New Jersey Casinos Online

New Jersey’s lawmakers and Governor are essentially in agreement on passing the bill that legalizes online gambling, adding it to the state’s famous land-based gambling attractions. There are twelve casinos that will run online casino entertainment in New Jersey once this legislation is passed and enacted.

’Jersey will join Delaware, a smallish state, and the mighty Nevada, as the third in the Union to legalize online and mobile gambling. Europe has a big headstart in terms of facilitating the establishment of regulated online gambling, especially the UK. America, on the other hand, is just starting to grapple with some of the concerns raised by online casino gaming for real cash.

Concerns in the Current Situation

One such concern is payment methods. Many credit cards based in the US routinely block any charge by a gambling company, by federal law. Many top money handlers like PayPal already offer services to gamblers overseas but oddly may be stopped from doing so in the States, unless it is in a state-by-state manner.

The next hurdle for online casino gaming in the US is the law-making process itself, which is usually slower than we would want. For example, in New Jersey, where the Governor is actually in favor of online gambling, he has nonetheless vetoed the bill twice because he insists upon an extra 5% taxation for the games.

This is the undercurrent that is bringing New Jerseyans and citizens of any of the newest pro-gambling states their online gambling: budgetary holes that taxing online casinos can fill. Because this is such a pressing motivation, we predict more states will legalize during 2013. Moreover, in states without preexisting casino operators, we predict that established online brands like Caesars, 888 and will swoop into the scene, scoring licenses based upon their track records in a young industry.

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Predictions and Expectations

Jersey online casinos are apparently coming very soon (the Governor is even eager to sign the bill the same day as it is adjusted). Many are no doubt wondering whether the convenience of quick games of Poker or Bingo for real-cash will seduce honest soccer moms into becoming Dangerous Housewives.

But moralists aside, online gambling is nothing new. Implementing it within the US borders (where federal law still bans banking for gambling) is new, however, and this will take time to sort out, as it has in Europe or Asia.

So, we think that these three states are at the vanguard of a much larger turn in favor of online gambling in the United States. New Jersey, and any other state with extant gambling, obviously wants to keep its market position by approving online games as soon as possible.

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