Nevada Leads in the State-by-State Race to Mobile Gambling in the USA

Following the recent news about Full Tilt and PokerStars accepting their punishments on fraud charges in order to vie for new US players, we have William Hill entering the game in Nevada with a different strategy.

While other foreign online-casino brands are seeking alliances with US land-based casinos to help gain brand recognition and traction, Will Hill has taken a very direct root by purchasing an American company that was the first app-maker to have its sports-betting game appear in the iTunes store. Another famous sports betting company is Paddy Power, read our full review of there casino games here.

Going All In

Although William Hill Mobile is already an establised online-gaming specialist — a company that US casinos would hope to attract for its online expertise — it is not waiting for invitations from dometic counterparts. By purchasing Leroy’s Horse and Sports Place, author of that first iTunes betting app, the Will-Hill strategy instead aims to give American players a home-grown gaming experience.

The fact that Las Vegas, Nevada, is leading the way for states eager to cash in on government-run gambling revenue during the Great Recession, is not surprising. It seems fitting that the world-wide master brand of ‘Vegas’ may become the fastest route to gamble online inside the US. Take a look at social casino gaming for your mobile.

Vegas Rides a Coming Wave

But that early lead probably won’t last long. About 15% of the United States are considering or already pursuing state-administered online gaming. There is a sense of competition, even though in the absence of a federal legalization law (which is unlikely) each state with gambling must keep it within its own lines.

The competition between states is greater where neighbors have both adopted relaxed laws (such as Delaware, Pennnylvania and Maryland). Otherwise, the gaming businesses will compete either to secure a license for the whole state-run contract or bid to enter the regulated commercial arena.

A State-by-State Waiting Game

The funny thing is that pessimism concerning a country-wide legalization move is contrasted by the fact that the nation’s capital, Washington DC, a quasi-state, has already implemented its own ‘iGaming’ program!

This Nevada opening for William Hill is a very good move because of the obvious branding advantage that Las Vegas provides. The Will-Hill mark has a similar degree of legitimacy in the British scene, which has offered Brits legalized online betting and casino games for some time now, including Gowild, 888 Mobile and mFortune.

We’ll see whether the strategy of utilizing a ‘native app’, so to speak, by working through a purchased American company, will gain any early devotion to Will Hill from American players.

Nevada Will Bank on its Name

The big advantage that Nevada can boast is the fact that opening online operations is a turn-key prospect. It already has out-of-state traffic and return visitors who will all partake of the new mobile networks during their visits. Other states, those that have not had gambling provisions before, will have an extra learning curve while its residents integrate the new freedom to gamble into their lives, as well as online games.

William Hill lives up to its name and reputation by going straight into the most prestigious hub of gambling in the US to stake its claims to the market. We think it is most likely that Will Hill could restrict itself to Vegas rather than try to spread to every state that legalizes mobile casinos.