Neteller Is a Top Choice in Alternative Payments for Mobile Casino

If you like Ukash best out of the main alternative payment methods, because it offers a few more features than the others, then you will also like Neteller, which is even slightly more advanced. There is a crucial point to keep in mind about these services, however, if your main interest is online casino entertainment.

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Simplicity or Complexity

If you want an ‘e-wallet’ solution to unlock a range of Web-based consumer amenities, then multi-functional accounts like Neteller do make sense. However, if you want some extra protection from yourself against impulse spending or compulsive gambling (even if your case is mild!) then a simpler option like mobile casino with paysafecard may be a better bet.

To be fair, of course, you can manage your Neteller funds in the same way PaySafeCard works (that is, using limited lump sums). But the convenience of being able to reload the account virtually, in real time, online, for spontaneous spending could be a liability actually, if you want some fail-safes built in. It’s really up to you.

Here are extra features Neteller affords:

  • Offline prepaid credit cards are available
  • Loyalty points
  • Social network offers
  • Refer-a-friend bonus (up to £16)
  • VIP programme with cash-back
  • Merchant special offers every month
  • Promtions with big prizes like cars
  • Send money globally without fees
  • Anonymous way to buy things

Now, Actually Buying Things

In addition to protecting your own online identity and your financials, using Neteller also makes sense from a consumer point-of-view. As the website points out for us, not all e-merchants or services handle credit or debit accounts — perhaps local, mom-and-pop-type businesses that you trust, or off-the-beaten services.

In any case, your activities are kept confidential and your name or information is never passed to merchants. That’s sort of stealthy, like a spy, right?

Don’t Overlook that Site

Out of all the alternative payment methods we’ve reviewed, is by far the most clean-cut, conventional and easy website to use. It’s more important — an excellent website to back up your account — with services like this and Ukash for your mobile, which offer more features to play with. But if all you want to do is play fresh casino games on your mobile, for instance, then you’ll do fine with one of the simpler methods, too.

We like Neteller for its fair-handed and organized overall look-and-feel. Its stated aim of providing a way for people to move money anonymously and securely online is a very reassuring position for the company to have.

Kudos Neteller! You’re in our top picks for essential tools that every online-casino player should have right away.

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