‘Necker Island’ Slot is Based on Richard’s Private Virgin Island

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Well, if you check out the root Virgin website then you find that Sir ‘Richard’ is dropping his own name a bit more nowadays — is it only us noticing this or you too?

Whether it is a PR move or marketing strategy or a bit of irrelevant tomfoolery by a zillionaire with great hair, Richard now claims a few of his own personalized links at the top of the page at virgin.com. And the latest bit of personalization comes with the naming and features of the newest slot at virgingames.com.

Virgin’s New Game Title

The company is so big it can afford to hire world-class game makers, Genesis,and build the new slot using Microgaming’s Quickfire platform. That’s techie stuff — but the bottom line is that Richard’s new slot is custom-made for Virgin, nowhere else to be seen.

Why is the game called ‘Necker Island’? Why, that’s the name of Richard’s own private island of utter luxury somewhere in the world where the water is still very blue and clean (British Virgin Islands, of course). And this is no ordinary slot machine for your mobile online devices. Want a well trusted great mobile casino? Click here!

Fifty paylines. Yes — we’re not joking, Necker Island has fif-ty paylines! Here are its merits, according to Microgaming:

  • One extra row for spin-symbols
  • Bonus trigger for 10 games free
  • ‘Locked Wild’ mode of bonuses
The Head of Virgin Games said that with this new game concept they were going for something that ‘truly summed up being part of the Virgin community … themed around Sir Richard Branson’s luxurious private island’.

So the idea with this game is some kind of optimistic-utopian-positive-thinking-recycling sort of branding — even for the mega-company’s exclusive casino game. You will only be able to play Necker Island at one place: virgingames.com/casino. And we have no idea when it will be unveiled.

Virgin already has a ‘The Dark Knight’ slot machine up and running, also built by Microgaming. So you can bet that now this news has broken about Necker Island, its release won’t be too long now. And we’re expecting some extra sweet introductory specials surrounding this launch. We’re going to be watching for the launch like a hawk.

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The big question for some may be whether Richard Branson will be spotted within the graphics of Necker Island (perhaps in the distance, under a quiet coconut tree in a hammock?) — maybe his avatar will give you bonuses?

… Come to think of it, has Virgin created a game with some sex appeal, perhaps geared toward women primarily? Or maybe it’s designed to appeal to environmentalists? Entrepreneurs?

You’ll just have to wait and see! (We’ll publish the launch-date news ASAP.)

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