Multi-player Casinos

You’ve probably heard about multi-player casino games and perhaps you are ready to try the experience. Or maybe you’ve tried them and wouldn’t mind knowing a bit more about the social gaming trend.

In any case, diving into one of the fine games you find on this very page will help you understand the basic principles of this exciting new way to play publicly as opposed to the solitary confinement, by contrast, of using a casino app that is just you and a computer. Playing with other humans is way more layered and textured than pitting your skills against artificial intelligence.

Anyway, iPhone and android casino apps are based upon very social physical-world experiences, if you trace them all the way back to the lobbies and halls of brick-and-mortar casinos. For instance, online poker and mobile Blackjack are considerably warmer and more engaging when several humans are calling the shots instead of one cold computer somewhere. This is because the games are rooted in a pre-Internet situation. Some might argue that multiplayer gaming is really the only way to recreate cards accurately online.

There are actually two main types of social gaming today.

  1. ‘Multi-player’ can refer to what could be compared to small intimate groups of people, like those at a card table or perhaps on the same football team.
  2. At the other end of the spectrum, you can play games with many more people online together, which is more like a rock concert or a small town. These bigger games are called ‘massively multi-player’, and can be thought of as virtual worlds. Most of them are less about fighting (to get points) or competing (to win money) and more about collaborating to create things.

You might not think that popular desktop applications or mobile slots like Tomb Raider and Fruit Fiesta would benefit particularly from multi-player action, but in this case online power expands the original experience, you recall, of having a few friends nearby spinning slot machines into an experience of having your own room, virtually, of chummy players enjoying spins simultaneously. This is possible now by using the standard chat windows.

Experiencing the most robust multi-player casinos requires playing games like bingo, cards, and tournament slots. Casino games, as yet, do not need to be massively multi-player, but this of course could be part of online gambling’s future. Most likely, multi-player casinos will probably not want to threaten what many people consider the advantages of current online play, namely, privacy, and being able to control their game closely.

But you can breath a sigh of relief, if all this tech talk is going to your head. It is pretty unlikely that the young trend of multi-player casinos will crowd out the more intimate game spaces we all love today. We’ll have the choice.

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That being said, you should give these social games a fair shake, because they offer unique thrills, laughs and even lasting friendships.

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