Mobile Casino – Apple vs. Android

The Most Basic Mobile Casino Question to Ask: Apple or Android?

The applications — the actual games — that you play on various brands of mobile devices are going to be very similar, if not the essentially the same. That is, unless you use the iPhone. If you’re an ‘Apple person’, then your mobile casino experience is designed especially for you.

That is because Apple is very strict about the software or ‘apps’ that are permitted to run on the iPhone (that goes for iPad too). And it means the game companies always have to develop a special casino app for iphone, rather than the single mobile casino app that serves all Android-powered phones, regardless of brand.

So pretty much the first question gamers need to ask themselves is, ‘Am I Apple, or am I Android?’ That becomes all the more important if you are on the fence about buying your next smart phone for playing mobile casinos  (your phone for fun!).

If you already simply adore the simplicity of the Apple Lifestyle, well, there’s little use in trying to get you to use other devices! Every imaginable Mobile Casino application with table games, card games and side games has been created for your iPhone, all using Apple’s unique bells and whistles. In no time you will be playing mobile slots and roulette plus blackjack and poker too. If you are Apple-minded: then more power to you!

Other phones ready for mobile casino like Samsung Galaxy have practically copied it, but nothing will ever play and feel exactly like the iPhone does in your hands. You will notice this when it comes to its slick touch-screen with motion effects that Apple pioneered (its addictive ‘finger flick’ technology), and noticeably easy-to-use graphics.

On the other hand, the Android operating system (this system is what runs your phone) has not merely copied the Apple system. Android users and Blackberry fans have their own reasons for liking a non-Apple brand of device. And, the phones themselves offer you a whole universe of selection.

It’s really impossible to quickly compare the various Android gadgets from competing companies. This makes it clear that what you have here is a poverty of riches — there are too many Android games out there to know about even most of them.

So, what is the bottom line?

If you relish constantly scouting for the Next Big Game site and trying new apps, then the vast choices available in Android mobile casino will tickle your fancy.

If you like to find your favourite thing, and stick with it, honing your game, well, then the iPhone platform is probably tailor-made for you. Its Mobile casino games are solid, hassle-free, certified by Apple and generally the best in class.

But wait one moment here! We’re talking about online gambling, when the issue is mobile casino games — and it’s probably all about the thrill of winning real cash for you.

The prospect of real-cash stakes turns out to be something of a snag with the iPhone if you live in a country in which online gambling is not legal (the USA, for instance). Fortunately for us Brits, we can play with real cash to our hearts’ content — but if we’re  travelling a lot, that’s something to consider. The Android market is wide-open in terms of gambling online (i.e., it’s still unregulated).

So, if making bets and winning cash is what you aim to do, clearly you will be happier with an Android model for playing mobile phone casinos (that is, unless you never leave your home country where gambling is legal).

Of all the ways to compare the two competing systems against each other — in terms of mobile casino — the issue of your actual cash winnings is probably what will make the bets stand or fall, right?


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