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Gaming has become an even bigger deal since the emergence of smartphones and tablets. Mobile users currently on Apple iOS and Android now have a vast selection of digital gaming content to sample, while BlackBerry and Windows Phone are also involved, albeit to a lesser extent. And amid all of the content, mobile bingo has developed its own devoted segment of loyal fans in the UK gaming market. But what does mobile bingo entail?

What Happens in Mobile Bingo?

Basically, bingo is a game where players cross numbers off from a card of paper assigned to them. However, the catch is that they only cross off numbers when they are removed as coloured balls from a spherical container and called out to the crowd. Pretty much the same thing happens in mobile bingo, but as a digital version.

One of the most popular types of bingo is 90-ball, in which up to 90 balls will be called out in trying to crown a winner. There are three horizontal lines on the card of a 90-ball game, with prizes awarded to the players who first cross off one line, two lines, and all three.

Compared to 90-ball, which is popular in the UK, 75-ball is a quicker version from the US. Each card in a 75-ball game is drawn out in a 5 x 5 grid, with the middle a free space. Your aim is to be the first player crossing off all of their numbers, but you need to wait for the right balls to be called out.

Moving on, there are still many more bingo games. Virtue Fusion is one of the software developers dedicated to shaking up bingo for mobile. And this has been achieved through the creation of thrilling formats such as Britain’s Got Talent Bingo and X-Factor Bingo.

Another developer promoting change is Cozy Games. Many of the sites with this type of software have 30-ball and 50-ball bingo to shake things up. Having variety is an important factor helping to ensure that mobile bingo sites don’t get stale.

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Winning Prizes

Prizes have been central to the bingo experience for decades now. And the best bit about the current prizes is that they are better than ever. With the UK’s leading bingo sites vying for our attention, many of them compete by offering lucrative prizes.

As expected, the prizes often take the form of cash rewards, and those are great. However, other sites also give away electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, and tablets. Occasionally, you can even win a holiday!

To win the biggest prizes, a patient nature is required. And even then, there’s no guarantee of winning. But if you want to win regularly, then you have to improve your odds of winning. The simplest strategy is to play when the competition is less intense. So, avoid free games and playing at peak times of the day.

Popular Mobile Sites

These mobile sites have developed loyal followings because of the great experiences they can offer:

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  • Tea Time Bingo – This mobile-ready site is compatible with multiple devices and will let you deposit £10 to play with £50 instead.
  • Cheers Bingo – Prepare to celebrate from the moment you claim the £20 welcome bonus. Oh, and don’t forget the Spin the Wheel game worth up to £2,500 on mobile devices.

You should also check out the mobile bingo apps available on the App Store and Google Play, as these can give you free fun when you need to save your pennies.

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