Microgaming’s Mermaids Millions Is an Enticing 15-Line Slot Machine

Mermaids Millions is a household name amongst players of mobile casino sites who prefer online slots action. Why? It’s a 15-line video-slot machine with low to mid-range risk (called variance) and a pleasing demeanour: really, it’s a must-play for all.

Microgaming introduced this already-popular online slot machine for mobile users in May of 2009. According to some accounts Mermaids is very similar to its Tomb Raider game, differing mainly by appearances. In any case, this premium game maker hit its own jackpot in the mobile slots world by:

1) having pre-existing success with this one, and

2) making it available on mobiles, smartphones and tablets.

The ‘look and feel’ factor is a major aspect of the popularity of Mermaids Millions in our final analysis. We’ll cover some of the specs in a moment, but its overall popularity may well stem from the way it spins and sounds.

Starting with the soothing underwater background track, or ‘white noise’: you may not have noticed it at first, but a soft swishing is there. This feels rather nice, to be honest, and helps calm your nerves as you click to spin and spin, feeling a familiar suspense. Mermaids Millions is sweet and melodic, not loud and jarring.

The next layer of sound effects is also pleasing. As reels spin and stop you hear ascending/descending tones and little bubbly noises. When things go right, and you hit winning lines or scatter matches, there are very uplifting rings and you’ll even enjoy hearing the mermaid herself giggle!

The 15 possible winning lines (some are zigzags drawn across the 5 spinning reels) are clearly marked with a light blue line when you hit them. They are connected by numbers along the sides (the 1-15 matches).

The front end of this slots machine not surprisingly is clad mostly in blue, with cheery number and letter graphics adorned with ocean elements like squids and pearls. It’s a simple design, and very easy to get used to playing. The machine’s controls are buttons along the bottom, where you also find your tallies and results listed.

TIP: look out for the treasure chests, because three or more of these give you up to ten bonus spins.

The RTP (‘return to player’) is around 95% at most of the best mobile casinos that are lucky enough to feature Microgaming’s Mermaids-Millions hit. Every reel can be wild as well as carry a scatter match. So obviously this slots for mobile is extra fun because it is satisfying to win so often.

SLOTS FACT: Did you know that each spin has independent odds? (In other words, you never get luckier or less lucky during a slot-machine session.)

Well, that’s about all there is to go over — Mermaids Millions is easy and your time on it should go swimmingly!

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