At-TEN-tion! Major Millions Has the Power to Make Mobile Millionaires!

What makes Major Millions one of the most popular mobile slots games is the possibility for you to win ‘major’ cash if you hit its jackpot, which can reach over a million pounds! If you love slots and want to put yourself in a life-changing position, then download this app right away off our page, and start spinning.

Since Major Millions has a progressive jackpot, and its biggest payoff will only come your way if you bet the maximum on the winning spin, you are advised by expert players to go all in.

TIP: Always bet the maximum when you play this mobile slot machine while its jackpot has grown large!

Okay, now let’s go over some of the game’s characteristics. The following details are what has made the Major such a huge success at the best mobile casinos new and old.

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  • The coin size is £o.20; the maximum bet is 15 coins.
  • Being a ‘progressive’ jackpot game means that even when your spin does not hit the money, a fraction of your bet gets added to a giant pool of cash that you can still win …
  • This is a five-reel game, which is not too many, and not too few, rolling elements to track visually — it is a comfortable mobile slot machine to play and play.
  • It has 15 winning lines, which are clearly marked along the left and right margins. When you hit winning patterns or bonuses, upbeat sounds and a bold line shows how you did.
  • The big jackpot is won by having the Major-Millions mascot repeated along the 15th pay line (and, as we said, wagering the maximum).
  • This mascot is also the wildcard: one of them doubles your win, but two quadruples your total payout.

How does Major Millions actually play? Well, this slot is really a classic model, very reminiscent of an actual casino environment. It’s a casino mobile app with the background sounds of people enjoying their bets, coins splashing, murmurs and cheers … on top of all that are the reflexive noises of your own mobile slots action. When you do well, all sorts of fun hullabaloo goes off!

The graphical theme is lightly, humorously military, so the reels feature images of tanks and whatnot. The scatter symbol is exploding cash: repeats of 3-5 of them can multiply your playing credit by up to 5o times!

Major Millions is available as a free download for either Android or Apple mobile devices. If you are looking to size up mobile casino sites before registering, simply noting the availability of this game is a reliable measure of trustworthiness and quality. In other words, any casino with mobile apps that does not feature the famous Major in its line-up is instantly suspect.

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