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The recent launch by 888 of the newest casino game on Facebook (UK) is a telling instance of what may turn out to be the strongest selling point, if you will, for people who hesitate before playing online casino over fears it is unsafe.

Safety, Safety, Safety

A press release about 888’s coup mentions the ‘safe social environment’ offered by delivering the real-cash games on Facebook. It is the second real-cash social gaming debut for the company, which had success at the end of 2012 with its BingoAppy launch, also a Facebook phenomenon.

We’ve all been wondering what might become the main draws for anyone who has not tried online bingo and casino yet, let alone the socially-networked varieties. When you add the mobile aspect, then the game becomes verily addictive and arguably even more ‘social’.

It appears, not surprisingly, that online safety may become the main draw. Facebook, despite its failings, has not suffered any massive down-time from attacks by e-criminals and it has preserved an image of relative safety.

Most safety concerns over Facebook have to do with one’s own behaviour and good habits when it comes to protecting one’s online identity. That goes for times we’re socializing, making new friends and allowing new applications to access our details. Personal accountability is essential, moreover, whenever playing a game that is technically ‘gambling’ and involves the risk of losing real money (either as losses or from excessive playing).

Going with Facebook makes sense for 888, which has a record of dwelling on safety, on behalf of its players. Check out the short-list of site benefits you’ll see on any 888 webpage (and we quote):

  • Fully certified casino
  • Strictly regulated fair games
  • Safe monetary deposits
  • Award winning casino

Real Life on the Web

2013 may be the year of Safety as a general theme. As we all settle into lives in which the Web is enters the picture hourly, and we’re jacked into mobile devices as well, anybody (hopefully) can see that ensuring safety during all that ‘Web traffic’ is basically an essential practice or survival skill for modern life. We think that 888 has its finger on a major button in these times, and it is very likely this online/mobile casino will continue to make good on playing its safety card.

Games You Know

The games available at Magic888 are the same as what’s available at its marquee Web property, These are applications produced in-house, which is a rarity out there in the cookie-cutter world of online casino (notwithstanding the great games produced and licensed out by studios such as Microgaming, Playtech and Net|Ent).

Lastly, don’t forget to watch your bottom line on sign-up. There are special ‘Welcome Bundles’ to check out at the time you get on board the MAGIC888 Facebook Page. Thereafter, go for the specials called ‘Daily MAGIC’, as well as the other great offers that will float past alert eyes on the timeline. That slick £88 namesake bonus is always nice!

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